Myoung Ok Kim

Myoung Ok Kim

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor

Professional Summary

Myoung Ok Kim is an assistant professor in the Fashion Design Program at the University of Cincinnati, USA. She has over 25 years of the fashion industry and educational experience. She investigates and enhances human experiences through exploratory design methodologies. Her research values wearable technology including 2D & 3D digital clothing construction/fit and smart garments/devices. She has collaborated on many interdisciplinary researches/projects to create wearable garments/devices with design, engineering, and medical scholars.


Ph. D.: Hanyang University Seoul, Korea, 2009 (Clothing and Textiles)

M.S.,: Hanyang University Seoul, Korea, 2006 (Clothing and Textiles)

B.S.: Hanyang University Seoul, Korea, 1995 (Clothing and Textiles)

Research and Practice Interests

-Functional garments/devices that provide smart health function such as compression wear, prosthetic underwear, senior wear, and athletic wear.
-Wearable garments that apply technology using conductive fabrics, biomedical signal acquisition, and other emerging functional materials. 
-Holistic Design Methodologies for apparel development in fashion industry such as clothing construction, patternmaking and manufacturing utilizing 2D and 3D digital CAD software.
-Sustainability focusing on eco-friendly clothing design processes utilizing fashion technologies.

Research Support

Grant: #WSIC23-220513-010 Investigators:Bhattacharya, Amit; Brandewie, Brooke; Kim, Myoung Ok; Kubley, Ashley; Schulz, Mark; Shanov, Vesselin 07-01-2022 -06-30-2023 Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation Integration of Carbon Nanotube Hybrid Active Textile Systems in PPE for the Ohio Fire Service Role:Collaborator 0.00 Hold Level:Ohio, State of

Grant: #WSIC24-230331-033 Investigators:Bhattacharya, Amit; Brandewie, Brooke; Davis, Kermit; Kim, Myoung Ok; Kubley, Ashley; Rao, Marepalli; Schulz, Mark; Shanov, Vesselin 07-01-2023 -06-30-2024 Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation Developing Commercial Active Textile Cooling Turnout Coat Prototypes for the Ohio Fire Service Role:Collaborator 1479940.00 Hold Level:Ohio, State of


Peer Reviewed Publications

Lee, K.K., Kim, Myoung-Ok, & Choi, S. (2019. ) A whole blood sample-to-answer polymer lab-on-a-chip with superhydrophilic surface toward point-of-care technology .Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, , 162 (January ) ,28-33

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Published Books

Kim, Myoung-Ok & Kim, Injoo (2014. ) Patternmaking for Men – Classic to Contemporary .New York , Fairchild books/Bloomsbury