Hang Joon Kim

Hang Joon Kim

Assoc Professor

Associate Professor in Statistics and Undergraduate Program Director (Statistics)

French Hall


A&S Mathematical Sciences - 0025


B.A.: Yonsei University Seoul, Korea, 2002 (Business)

B.A.: Yonsei University Seoul, Korea, 2002 (Applied Statistics)

M.S.: Yonsei University Seoul, Korea, 2006 (Applied Statistics)

Ph.D.: The Ohio State University Columbus, OH, 2012 (Statistics)

Research and Practice Interests

Bayesian analysis; Statistical computing; Nonparametric Bayesian modeling
Missing data; Data privacy; Survey sampling
Computer experiment
Statistical genetics

Positions and Work Experience

2012 -2015 Postdoctoral Fellow, Duke University; National Institute of Statistical Science (NISS), Durham, NC

2015 -2021 Assistant Professor in Statistics, University of Cincinnati, OH

2018 -2020 ASA/NSF/Census Research Fellow, U.S. Census Bureau, Washington, DC

2019 -To Present Board of Directors, Korean International Statistical Society (KISS),

2021 -To Present Associate Professor in Statistics, University of Cincinnati,

2021 -To Present Faculty Fellow, NCSES Research Ambassadors Program, National Science Foundation (NSF),

Research Support

Charles Phelps Taft Research Center, Summer Research Fellowship, 2016, $8,000

U.S. Census Bureau, Summer at Census Scholar, 2017, $3,000

Grant: #YA132318AE0011 (extension #YA1333LB19P00000148), ASA/NSF/Census Research Fellowship, 04/30/2018-01/30/2020, Role:Principal Investigator, $170,379

Grant: #US Census Bureau 1333LB19P00000148 Investigators:Kim, Hang Joon 07-31-2019 -01-30-2020 US Census Bureau Hang Kim Census - additional funds to #1014103, COEUS proposal #9741 Role:PI $40,853.00 Completed Type:Grant

Grant: #Sub #60076671 / R01GM122078 01-13-2020 -05-01-2021 National Institute of General Medical Sciences Statistical Models for Genetic Studies, using Network and Integrative Analysis Role:PI $32,997.00 Completed Type:Grant

11-01-2021 -10-31-2024 Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute Mixed Data Meta-analysis: Integration of Individual Participant and Aggregate Data Role:PI $109,134 Active Type:Grant


Peer Reviewed Publications

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Book Chapter

Bakshi, B. R., Kim, H. J., and Goel, P. K. (2011 ) Using thermodynamics and statistics to improve the quality of life-cycle inventory data Thermodynamics and the Destruction of Resources .(pp. 235-248).Cambridge University Press

Technical Reports

Kim, H. J. and Karr, A. F. (2013. ) The effect of statistical disclosure limitation on parameter estimation for a finite population .Technical Report 183, National Institute of Statistical Sciences, Durham, NC, (Report)

Thompson, K. J., Kim, H. J., Bassel, N., Bembridge, K., Coleman, C., Freiman, M., Garcia, M., Kaputa, S., Riesz, S., Singer, P., Valentine, E, White, K. T. (2020. ) Final Report: Economic Census Synthetic Data Project Research Team .ADEP Working Paper Series ADEP-WP-2020-05, U.S. Census Bureau, Washington, DC, (Report)


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