Minjin Kim

Minjin Kim

Assistant Professor

Professional Summary

Minjin Kim is an Assistant Professor in the College of Nursing at the University of Cincinnati. She is a transcultural nurse implementation scientist devoted to addressing health disparities, health equity, and health justice using digital narrative/storytelling and artificial intelligence technology. She has contributed to several community-based participatory research projects to address the problem of health disparities among Asian and Asian American communities. She has multicultural knowledge and awareness in working closely with diverse refugee/immigrant populations across generations on sensitive health issues and topics, including HPV, hepatitis B, liver cancer, cervical cancer, and intergenerational cultural conflict. She is a co-editor and an author of the book titled, “The 1.5 Generation Korean Diaspora: A Comparative Understanding of Identity, Culture, and Transnationalism.”


Ph.D.: University of Massachusetts Boston 2017 (Population Health in Nursing)

MSN: University of Massachusetts Boston Boston, MA,

BSN: Case Western Reserve University

Research and Practice Interests

Asian and Asian American Health Disparities and Health Equity
HPV Vaccination
Cancer Prevention
Digital Storytelling Intervention 

Research Support

Grant: #Nursing Pilot Research Award Investigators:Kim, Minjin 04-01-2022 -09-30-2023 Association for Leadership Science in Nursing The Effect of Mini-Mindfulness and Narrative Nursing Interventions to Promote Nurse Leaders Resilience and Well-being Role:PI $10,000

Investigators:Fichtenbaum, Carl; Gakumo, Carrie; Kim, Minjin; Perazzo, Joseph 01-15-2022 -01-14-2024 Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp PARTNER (Participant Approaches to Research Techniques Nurture Engagement and Retention) Role:Co-Investigator 0.00

Grant: #KL2TR001426 Investigators:Minjin Kim 04-01-2022 -03-31-2024 Cincinnati Center for Clinical and Translational Science and Training AI Chatbot Technology & Storytelling for HPV Vaccination Role:PI Active Type:Grant

Investigators:Minjin Kim 06-2021 -11-2022 The UC Office of the Vice President for Research Development and Usability Evaluation of a K-Bot Intervention for Promoting HPV Vaccination in Korean Americans Role:PI $25,000 Type:Grant

Investigators:Jin Jun, Jennifer Kue, & Minjin Kim 06-2022 -05-2023 GKNF-USA Mi Ja Kim Research Award The Racial Experiences of Asian Nurses’ Lives (REAL) study: Association between perceived discrimination and racism among Asian Nurses in the United State. Role:Co-Investigator $10,000 Active Type:Grant

Grant: #K23NR020342 Investigators:Kim, Minjin 09-23-2022 -07-31-2025 National Institute of Nursing Research Let's K-Talk: A Storytelling Intervention Leveraging Chatbot Technology to Prevent HPV and HPV Associated Cancers for Ethnic Koreans living in the U.S. Role:PI 163852.00 Awarded Level:Federal


Peer Reviewed Publications

Lee, Haeok; Kim, Deogwoon; Kiang, Peter Nien-Chu; Cooley, Mary E; Shi, Ling; Thiem, Linda; Kan, PenhSamnang; Chea, Phala; Allison, Jeroan; Kim, Minjin (2021. ) Awareness, knowledge, social norms, and vaccination intentions among Khmer mother-daughter pairs.Ethnicity & health, , 26 (3 ) ,379-391 More Information

Adjei Boakye, Eric; Babatunde, Oluwole A; Wang, Maggie; Osazuwa-Peters, Nosayaba; Jenkins, Wiley; Lee, Minjee; Kim, Minjin (2021. ) Geographic Variation in Human Papillomavirus Vaccination Initiation and Completion Among Young Adults in the U.S.American journal of preventive medicine, , 60 (3 ) ,387-396 More Information

Kim, Minjin; Lee, Haeok; Kiang, Peter; Aronowitz, Teri; Sheldon, Lisa Kennedy; Shi, Ling; Allison, Jeroan J (2020. ) A Storytelling Intervention in a Mobile, Web-Based Platform: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial to Evaluate the Preliminary Effectiveness to Promote Human Papillomavirus Vaccination in Korean American College Women.Health education & behavior : the official publication of the Society for Public Health Education, , 47 (2 ) ,258-263 More Information

Kim, Minjin; Lee, Haeok; Allison, Jeroan (2020. ) Challenges and Lessons Learned From a Mobile Health, Web-Based Human Papillomavirus Intervention for Female Korean American College Students: Feasibility Experimental Study.JMIR formative research, , 4 (1 ) ,e14111 More Information

Kim, Minjin; Lee, Haeok; Kiang, Peter; Allison, Jeroan (2019. ) Development and acceptability of a peer-paired, cross-cultural and cross-generational storytelling HPV intervention for Korean American college women.Health education research, , 34 (5 ) ,483-494 More Information

Kim, Minjin; Lee, Haeok; Kiang, Peter; Aronowitz, Teri; Sheldon, Lisa Kennedy; Shi, Ling; Kim, Sun; Allison, Jeroan (2019. ) HPV Vaccination and Korean American College Women: Cultural Factors, Knowledge, and Attitudes in Cervical Cancer Prevention.Journal of community health, , 44 (4 ) ,646-655 More Information

Lee, Haeok; Kim, Minjin; Cooley, Mary E; Kiang, Peter Nien-Chu; Kim, Deogwoon; Tang, Shirley; Shi, Ling; Thiem, Linda; Kan, Penhsamnang; Peou, Sonith; Touch, Chhan; Chea, Phala; Allison, Jeroan (2018. ) Using narrative intervention for HPV vaccine behavior change among Khmer mothers and daughters: A pilot RCT to examine feasibility, acceptability, and preliminary effectiveness.Applied nursing research : ANR, , 40 ,51-60 More Information

Kim, Minjin; Lee, Haeok; Kiang, Peter; Kim, Deogwoon (2017. ) Human Papillomavirus: A Qualitative Study of Korean American Female College Students' Attitudes Toward Vaccination?.Clinical journal of oncology nursing, , 21 (5 ) ,E239-E247 More Information

Lee, Haeok; Kim, Minjin; Allison, Jeroan; Kiang, Peter (2017. ) Development of a theory-guided storytelling narrative intervention to improve HPV vaccination behavior: Save our daughters from cervical cancer.Applied nursing research : ANR, , 34 ,57-61 More Information

Lee, Haeok; Kim, Minjin; Kiang, Peter; Shi, Ling; Tan, Kevin; Chea, Phala; Peou, Sonith; Grigg-Saito, Dorcas C (2016. ) Factors Associated with HPV Vaccination among Cambodian American Teenagers.Public health nursing (Boston, Mass.), , 33 (6 ) ,493-501 More Information

Allison, Jeroan J; Nguyen, Hoa L; Ha, Duc A; Chiriboga, Germán; Ly, Ha N; Tran, Hanh T; Phan, Ngoc T; Vu, Nguyen C; Kim, Minjin; Goldberg, Robert J (2016. ) Culturally adaptive storytelling method to improve hypertension control in Vietnam - "We talk about our hypertension": study protocol for a feasibility cluster-randomized controlled trial.Trials, , 17 ,26 More Information

Lee, Haeok; Kiang, Peter; Kim, Minjin; Semino-Asaro, Semira; Colten, Mary Ellen; Tang, Shirley S; Chea, Phala; Peou, Sonith; Grigg-Saito, Dorcas C Using qualitative methods to develop a contextually tailored instrument: Lessons learned.Asia-Pacific journal of oncology nursing, , 2 (3 ) ,192-202 More Information

Lee, Haeok; Kim, Sun S; You, Kwang Soo; Park, Wanju; Yang, Jin Hyang; Kim, Minjin; Hayman, Laura L Asian flushing: genetic and sociocultural factors of alcoholism among East asians.Gastroenterology nursing : the official journal of the Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates, , 37 (5 ) ,327-36 More Information

Kim MJ, Lee H, Kiang P, Watanabe P, Torres MI, Halon P, Shi L, Church DR. (2015. ) Debunking the myth: low knowledge levels of HBV infection among Asian American college students. .Asia Pac J Oncol Nurs, , 2 (1 ) ,8 -16More Information

Kim D, Lee H, Kim M (2021. ) Overview of human papillomavirus vaccination policy changes and its impact in the United States: Lessons learned and challenges for the future. .Public Health Nurs, , 38 (3 ) ,396 -405More Information

Minjin Kim, Ph.D, RN (2022. ) Barriers to HPV Vaccination among Korean Men in the United States. Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing, ,

Fitzpatrick, J., Pignatiello, G., Kim, M., Jun, J., O’Mathuna, D., Duah, H., Taibl, J., Tucker, S. (2022. ) Moral Injury, Nurse Well Being, and Resilience among Nurses Practicing during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Journal of Nursing Administration, ,

Invited Publications

Minjin Kim, Ph.D. & Jennifer Kue (2022. ) Commentary on Patient-provider communication quality, 2002-2016: A population-based study of trends and racial differences.Medical Care, 60 (5 ) ,321 -323More Information

Published Books

Jane Lee and Minjin Kim (2020. ) The 1.5 Generation Korean Diaspora: A Comparative Understanding of Identity, Culture, and Transnationalism .Lexington Press (Co-Editor)

Book Chapter

Kim, M. & Hahm, C. (2020 ) Sexual health behaviors, substance use, and health care utilization among Korean American women The 1.5 Generation Korean Diaspora: A Comparative Understanding of Identity, Culture, and Transnationalism .(pp. 137 -154).Lexington Press

Lee, J. & Kim, M. (2020 ) Introduction The 1.5 Generation Korean Diaspora: A Comparative Understanding of Identity, Culture, and Transnationalism .(pp. 1 -18).Lexington Press

Additional Publications

Post Graduate Training and Education

2017-2020 Postdoctoral Research Associate, PRACCTIS training program in Cancer Prevention and Control and Implementation Science (NCI T32 CA172009-06 & 5R25CA172009-05), University of Massachusetts Medical School, ,

Contact Information

229 Procter Hall
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Cincinnati  Ohio, 45221-0038
Phone: 513-558-5258