Injoo Kim


Aronoff Center


DAAP School of Design - 0016

Professional Summary

Injoo Kim is a Full Professor in the Fashion Design Program at the University of Cincinnati.  She holds a Masters in design from the University of Cincinnati, and prior to academia has ten years experience in the fashion industry. Professor Kim engages in holistic design thinking through fashion design to improve the quality of life for users and their environments. Her current research focus includes apparel product development across genders and ages through size and fit studies, enhancement of the sizing system, as well as the exploration of knitting methodologies to enhance the wearability of apparel.
Professor Kim's research and scholarly work has resulted in multiple publications. She has co-authored three books and several articles on the subjects of patternmaking for apparel design, and machine knitting, including Apparel Making in Fashion Design (Fairchild Books, 2002), Machine Knitting (Prentice Hall, 2005) and Patternmaking for Menswear (Fairchild Books/ Bloomsbury, 2014) which have been distributed internationally. She has received research grants from several sources from borh academia and industry, including the UC Research Council's Summer Research Fellowship and Third Century Fellowship Grant. She has also been awarded the Outstanding Teaching (2007) and Outstanding Research (2015) awards.


MDes, University of Cincinnati (Fashion Design)

B.S., University of Cincinnati (Fashion Design)

Research Support

Grant: #SRS 00580 Investigators:Kim, Injoo; Murray, Dale 04-01-2006 -06-30-2008 Eastman Kodak Company Wearable Imaging Systems Role:Collaborator $30,000.00 Closed Level:Industry

Grant: #Luxottica/Sunglass Hut SCA Investigators:Hall, Hanna; Kim, Injoo 08-25-2015 -12-20-2016 Luxottica Retail North America 15FS Luxottica / Sunglass Hut Vogue Eyewear Sponsored Studio Role:PI $40,000.00 Active Level:Industry

Grant: #2016 Luxottica Arnette Sponsored Studio 16FS Investigators:Kim, Injoo; Murray, Dale 08-01-2016 -07-31-2017 Luxottica Retail North America Luxottica Arnette Sponsored Studio 16FS Role:PI $40,000.00 Active Level:Industry