Jacqueline Knapke

Jacqueline M Knapke

Research Assistant Professor

Medical Sciences Building


COM Fam Med Research - 0582


Ph.D.: University of Cincinnati 2015 (Higher Education Policy & Reform)

Ed.M.: Boston University 2008 (Policy, Planning, and Higher Education Administration)

B.A.: University of Dayton 2003 (English Literature)

Research and Practice Interests

Higher Education Policy, Program Development, Program Evaluation, Curriculum Development, Graduate Research Education, Qualitative & Mixed Methods, Theory & Research, Team Science

Positions and Work Experience

2019 -To Present Assistant Professor, Department of Family & Community Medicine, Research Division,

2016 -To Present Associate Director, Translational Workforce Development, CCTST,

2010 -2016 Program Director, Clinical & Translational Research Training Program,

Research Support

Grant: #R25ES034592 Investigators:Braggs-Brown, Angela; Knapke, Jacqueline; Kues, John 09-01-2022 -08-31-2027 National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Research Innovations using Sensor Technology in Environmental Justice Communities (RISE Communities) Role:PI 46164.00 Hold Level:Federal


Peer Reviewed Publications

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