Yashar Komijani

Yashar Komijani

Assistant Professor

Geology-Physics Building

A&S Physics - 0011


PhD: ETH Zurich Switzerland, 2011 (Quantum Transport Experiments on p-GaAs Quantum Dots and Point Contacts)

Masters: Univ. of Tehran Iran, 2006 (Telecommunication Fields and Waves)

Bachlor: Univ. of Tehran Iran, 2003 (Telecommunication Systems)

Research and Practice Interests

Prof. Komijani is interested in strongly correlated electronic systems. His research lies at the interface between experiment and theory and uses a combination of analytical and numerical techniques to study various problems. His current research interests are

  • - Quantum criticality and chaos in strongly correlated electronic systems
  • - Superconductivity in heavy-fermions and Iron pnictides
  • - Multichannel Kondo anyons for topological quantum computation

Positions and Work Experience

2015 -2020 Quantum Material Group Postdoctoral Fellow, Rutgers University, New Jersey

2012 -2015 Postdoctoral Researcher, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada


Peer Reviewed Publications

Y. Komijani (2020. ) Kondo-based qubits for topological quantum computation.Phys. Rev. B, , 101 ,235131 More Information

Y. Komijani,* P. Coleman,* E. Koenig,* (2020. ) The Triplet Resonating Valence Bond State & Superconductivity in Hund's Metals.Phys. Rev. Lett., , 125 ,077001 More Information

B. Shen,* Y. Zhang,* Y. Komijani, M. Nicklas, R. Borth, A. Wang, Y. Chen, Z. Nie, Z. Wang, G. Cao, H. Lee, M. Smidman, F. Steglich, P. Coleman, H. Yuan (2020. ) Strange metal behavior in a pure ferromagnetic Kondo lattice.Nature (London), , 579 ,51 More Information

Y. Komijani, P. Coleman (2019. ) Emergent Critical charge fluctuations at the Kondo breakdown of Heavy-fermions.Phys. Rev. Lett., , 122 ,217001 More Information

Y. Komijani, K. Hallberg, G. Kotliar (2019. ) Renormalized dispersing multiplets in the spectrum of nearly Mott localized systems.Phys. Rev. B, , 99 ,125150 More Information

Y. Komijani, P. Coleman (2018. ) Model for Ferromagnetic Quantum Critical Point in a 1D Kondo Lattice.Phys. Rev. Lett., , 120 ,157206 More Information

Z. Shi, Y. Komijani (2017. ) Conductance of closed and open long Aharonov-Bohm-Kondo rings.Phys. Rev. B, , 95 ,075147 More Information

D. Pikulin, Y. Komijani, I. Affleck (2015. ) Luttinger liquid in contact with a Kramers pair of Majorana bound states.Phys. Rev. B, , 93 ,205430 More Information

Y. Komijani, P. Simon, I. Affleck (2015. ) Orbital Kondo effect in fractional quantum Hall systems.Phys. Rev. B, , 92 ,075301 More Information

Y. Komijani, M. Csontos, I. Shorubalko, T. Ihn, K. Ensslin, Y. Meir, D. Reuter, A. D. Wieck (2010. ) Evidence for localization and 0.7 anomaly in hole quantum point contacts.Europhys. Lett., , 91 ,67010 More Information

Contact Information

komijani AT uc.edu