Yashar Komijani

Yashar Komijani

Assistant Professor

Geology-Physics Building

A&S Physics - 0011


PhD, ETH Zurich Switzerland, 2011 (Quantum Transport Experiments on p-GaAs Quantum Dots and Point Contacts)

Masters, Univ. of Tehran Iran, 2006 (Telecommunication Fields and Waves)

Bachlor, Univ. of Tehran Iran, 2003 (Telecommunication Systems)

Positions and Work Experience

2015 -2020 Quantum Material Group Postdoctoral Fellow, Rutgers University, New Jersey

2012 -2015 Postdoctoral Researcher, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

Research and Practice Interests

Prof. Komijani is interested in strongly correlated electronic systems. His research lies at the interface between experiment and theory and uses a combination of analytical and numerical techniques to study various problems. His current research interests are

  • - Quantum criticality and chaos in strongly correlated electronic systems
  • - Superconductivity in heavy-fermions and Iron pnictides
  • - Multichannel Kondo anyons for topological quantum computation


Peer Reviewed Publications

Y. Komijani (2020. ) Kondo-based qubits for topological quantum computation.Phys. Rev. B, , 101 ,235131

Y. Komijani,* P. Coleman,* E. Koenig,* (2020. ) The Triplet Resonating Valence Bond State & Superconductivity in Hund's Metals.Phys. Rev. Lett., , 125 ,077001

B. Shen,* Y. Zhang,* Y. Komijani, M. Nicklas, R. Borth, A. Wang, Y. Chen, Z. Nie, Z. Wang, G. Cao, H. Lee, M. Smidman, F. Steglich, P. Coleman, H. Yuan (2020. ) Strange metal behavior in a pure ferromagnetic Kondo lattice.Nature (London), , 579 ,51

Y. Komijani, P. Coleman (2019. ) Emergent Critical charge fluctuations at the Kondo breakdown of Heavy-fermions.Phys. Rev. Lett., , 122 ,217001

Y. Komijani, K. Hallberg, G. Kotliar (2019. ) Renormalized dispersing multiplets in the spectrum of nearly Mott localized systems.Phys. Rev. B, , 99 ,125150

Y. Komijani, P. Coleman (2018. ) Model for Ferromagnetic Quantum Critical Point in a 1D Kondo Lattice.Phys. Rev. Lett., , 120 ,157206

Z. Shi, Y. Komijani (2017. ) Conductance of closed and open long Aharonov-Bohm-Kondo rings.Phys. Rev. B, , 95 ,075147

D. Pikulin, Y. Komijani, I. Affleck (2015. ) Luttinger liquid in contact with a Kramers pair of Majorana bound states.Phys. Rev. B, , 93 ,205430

Y. Komijani, P. Simon, I. Affleck (2015. ) Orbital Kondo effect in fractional quantum Hall systems.Phys. Rev. B, , 92 ,075301

Y. Komijani, M. Csontos, I. Shorubalko, T. Ihn, K. Ensslin, Y. Meir, D. Reuter, A. D. Wieck (2010. ) Evidence for localization and 0.7 anomaly in hole quantum point contacts.Europhys. Lett., , 91 ,67010

Contact Information

komijani AT uc.edu