Elizabeth Kopras

Elizabeth J Kopras

Sr Research Associate

Medical Sciences Building


COM IM Pulmonary Clinical Research - 0564


BA: Ohio University Athens, OH, 1987 (Psychology, Summa Cum Laude in 3 years)

Ohio University Athens, OH, 1990 (Experimental Psychology/Zoological and Biomedical Sciences)

University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH, 2000 (Molecular Genetics)

Ph.D.: University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH, 2013 ((ABD))

Research and Practice Interests

I manage programs across a spectrum of needs including scientific promotion, research program design and implementation, strategic planning, and financial tracking. 

I have a variety of scientific interests, which is why I decided to pursue a PhD in epidemiology. I have studied a number of disorders including smooth muscle cell proliferation in heart disease, DNA repair in ataxia telangiectasia, second messenger signalling in pancreatic cancer, and protein folding in hereditary pancreatitis. I am interested in the application of large data set information to appropriately inform clinical decisions and health/environmental policies. Biostatistical ethics and reproducible data are, therefore, important areas of research to me. I am also interested in cost-efficient ways to improve health outcomes, such as diet and stress. 

I love teaching and explaining ideas--seeing the change on a person's face when they finally 'get' a concept. I especially enjoying teaching scientific writing (including grant writing), basic biostatistics, and biomedical and statistical ethics. 

My passion for writing includes communicating scientific concepts to the general public, and listening to people in order to understand what they want to know. I have learned, through my work with Dr. Erin Haynes, to also listen to communities, and to value the expertise that they bring to me.

Specialties: Some people are creative, some people can spin, and some people know science, but few can combine all three. I make grants better. I bring seventeen years of benchwork, including molecular biology and small animal surgery, as part of my experiential package. Expert in experimental design, career development programs, and some expertise in the design and analysis of human research studies.

Positions and Work Experience

07-01-2013 - Senior Research Associate, Organizing scientific meetings and events; strategizing and coordinating collection, storage and documentation of clinical biospecimens; assist in clinical trials design, management and analysis; produce educational materials for patients and clinicians; organize, write, and submit grant applications; provide mentorship for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and early career faculty on program management, research design, grant submissions and publications. , University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

Research Support

Investigators:Kopras, Elizabeth 05-01-2021 -04-30-2025 Department of Veterans Affairs VA IPA - Kopras Role:PI 0.00 Hold Level:Federal


Peer Reviewed Publications

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Additional Publications


Superfund Basic Research Program, Pancreatic Cancer, Hereditary Pancreatitis, Micro Surgery

Other Information

Student projects are available in rare lung disease research. ,