Roger Kugel

Roger William Kugel , Ph.D.

Visiting Scholar


Crosley Tower

A&S Chemistry - 0172

Professional Summary

Roger Kugel received his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry at Stanford University under Dr. Henry Taube.  He did post-doctoral research at Argonne National Laboratory studying laser isotope separation.  He worked at Nalco Chemical Company in Chicago in their Fuel Treatment Group for three years before joining the faculty at Saint Mary's University in Winona, Minnesota, where he taught General and Physical Chemistry for 33 years.  During his time at Saint Mary's, Dr. Kugel also held a W.A.E.research position at the US Bureau of Mines working on advanced mining and mineral handling techniques.  He is currently visiting Scholar and Adjunct Professor at University of Cincinnati.  His research interests are in the areas of Chemical Education and Matrix Isolation Spectroscopy.  He also currently serves as the Chief Reader in the AP Chemistry Program.


Peer Reviewed Publications

Kugel, Roger W; Ault, Bruce S (2015. ) Infrared Matrix Isolation and Theoretical Studies of Reactions of Ozone with Bicyclic Alkenes: ?-Pinene, Norbornene, and Norbornadiene.The journal of physical chemistry. A, , 119 (2 ) ,312-22 More Information

Kugel, Roger W; Pinelo, Laura F; Ault, Bruce S (2014. ) Infrared Matrix-Isolation and Theoretical Studies of the Reactions of Ferrocene with Ozone.The journal of physical chemistry. A, , More Information

Pinelo, Laura F; Kugel, Roger W; Ault, Bruce S (2015. ) Charge-Transfer Complexes and Photochemistry of Ozone with Ferrocene and n-Butylferrocene: A UV-vis Matrix-Isolation Study.The journal of physical chemistry. A, , 119 (41 ) ,10272-8 More Information