Nikita Kuznetsov

Nikita Aleksandrovich Kuznetsov

Asst Professor - Educator


Ph.D: University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH, 2013 (Experimental Psychology)

B.A.: University of California, Northridge Northridge, CA, 2007 (Psychology)

Research and Practice Interests

I'm interested in understanding how the central nervous system controls movement in healthy young adults and in individuals recovering from neurological trauma. The goal is to understand basic principles of motor control in healthy individuals and to develop novel motor assessment tools and rehabilitation protocols to improve motor function. I primarily use behavioral manipulations coupled with detailed analyses of kinematic, kinetic, and surface electromyography using nonlinear time series analysis methods.


Peer Reviewed Publications

Kodama, Kentaro; Yasuda, Kazuhiro; Akatsuka, Tomoki; Kuznetsov, Nikita A; Iwata, Hiroyasu (2022. ) The influence of a vibrotactile biofeedback system on postural dynamics during single-leg standing in healthy older adults.Neuroscience letters, , 786 ,136807 More Information

Yamada, Masahiro; Kuznetsov, Nikita A; Diekfuss, Jed A; Raisbeck, Louisa D (2021. ) The effect of attentional focus on movement accuracy in an immersive and interactive virtual reality environment.Neuroscience letters, , 752 ,135814 More Information

Song, A; Kuznetsov, N A; Winges, S A; MacLellan, M J (2020. ) Muscle synergy for upper limb damping behavior during object transport while walking in healthy young individuals.Experimental brain research, , 238 (5 ) ,1203-1218 More Information

Raisbeck, L D; Yamada, M; Diekfuss, J A; Kuznetsov, N A (2020. ) The Effects of Attentional Focus Instructions and Task Difficulty in a Paced Fine Motor Skill.Journal of motor behavior, , 52 (3 ) ,262-270 More Information

Dechenaud, Marcelline; Laidig, Daniel; Seel, Thomas; Gilbert, Hunter B; Kuznetsov, Nikita A (2019. ) Development of Adapted Guitar to Improve Motor Function After Stroke: Feasibility Study in Young Adults.Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. Annual International Conference, , 2019 ,5488-5493 More Information

Kodama, Kentaro; Yasuda, Kazuhiro; Kuznetsov, Nikita A; Hayashi, Yuki; Iwata, Hiroyasu (2019. ) Balance Training With a Vibrotactile Biofeedback System Affects the Dynamical Structure of the Center of Pressure Trajectories in Chronic Stroke Patients.Frontiers in human neuroscience, , 13 ,84 More Information

Kuznetsov, Nikita A; Robins, Rebecca K; Long, Benjamin; Jakiela, Jason T; Haran, F Jay; Ross, Scott E; Wright, W Geoffrey; Rhea, Christopher K (2018. ) Validity and reliability of smartphone orientation measurement to quantify dynamic balance function.Physiological measurement, , 39 (2 ) ,02NT01 More Information

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Harrison, Steven J; Kuznetsov, Nikita; Breheim, Samuel (2013. ) Flexible kinesthetic distance perception: when do your arms tell you how far you have walked?.Journal of motor behavior, , 45 (3 ) ,239-47 More Information

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Kuznetsov, Nikita A; Riley, Michael A (2010. ) Spatial resolution of visual feedback affects variability and structure of isometric force.Neuroscience letters, , 470 (2 ) ,121-5 More Information

Courses Taught

-PSYC-9015 SP TOP COG ACT PERC Nonlinear Time Series Analysis Level:Graduate

PSYC 7061 Generalized and Mixed Statistical Models Level:Graduate

PSYC 3045 Dynamics of Perception and Action