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Elizabeth Lanphier , PhD, MS

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Professional Summary

Elizabeth Lanphier is a faculty member in the Ethics Center and in the Division of General and Community Pediatrics at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. She is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the UC College of Medicine and a Research Assistant Professor in the UC Department of Philosophy, as well as affiliated faculty in the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Department. Elizabeth is also a non-resident Fellow at the George Mason Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy.

In addition to her published scholarship in peer reviewed journals and book volumes, Elizabeth has written for a variety of outlets including the Hastings Bioethics Forum and Ms. Magazine. Her research has also been featured in "The ethical questions raised by COVID-19 vaccines: 5 essential reads" in The Conversation, "What is Trauma Informed Care?" in Health, and "We're All Second Guessing Ourselves" in The Atlantic.

Elizabeth currently co-chairs the American Society for Bioethics and Humanities (ASBH) Feminist Approaches to Bioethics Affinity Group, is a member of the Committee on Inclusion and Accessibility for the North American Society for Social Philosophy, and is an elected Board Member of the Bioethics Network of Ohio for 2021-2024. 


Master's Degree: Columbia University New York, NY, 2013 (Narrative Medicine)

Doctoral Degree: Vanderbilt University Nashville, TN, 2019 (Philosophy)

Fellowship: Vanderbilt University Medical Center Nashville, TN , 2020 (Clinical Ethics)

Research and Practice Interests

Clinical Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy, Feminist Ethics, Shared and Collective Responsibility, Rights Theory, Consent, Complicity, Trauma Informed Care, Humanitarianism


Peer Reviewed Publications

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More Information

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Book Chapter

Lanphier, Elizabeth (2019 ) Witnessing Illness: Phenomenology of Photographic Self Portraiture Bodies and Transitions in the Health Humanities .(pp. 132-142).New York, Routledge

Lanphier, Elizabeth (2018 ) Humanitarianism: Neutrality, Impartiality and Humanity Cambridge Handbook on Just War .(pp. 273-290).New York, Cambridge University Press

Lanphier, Elizabeth (2019 ) Ageing and Aesthetic Responsibility Ageing in an Ageing Society .(pp. 99-124).Sheffield, Equinox Press

Lanphier, Elizabeth (2021 ) Complexity and Contradiction: Intimacy, Testimony, and Care in Humanitarian Aid Care Work and Medical Travel .(pp. 155-176).Lexington Books

Lanphier, Elizabeth (2021 ) An Institutional Ethic of Care Applying Nonideal Theory to Bioethics: Living and Dying in a Nonideal World .(pp. 169 -193).Cham, Springer

Additional Publications


Lanphier, Elizabeth (2020. ) Bill Lee’s Pro-Life Message is Contradicted by Death Penalty Stance .

Lanphier, Elizabeth (2020. ) Prisoners, at Great Risk, Should Get Vaccine Early .

Lanphier, Elizabeth (2020. ) Where No Lives Matter .

Fyfe, Shannon; Lanphier, Elizabeth (2021. ) Is a Minor’s Decision to Take Puberty-Blockers Exceptional? .

Lanphier, Elizabeth (2021. ) Ohio's vaccination plan used to include incarcerated people. Now it doesn't .

Lanphier, Elizabeth (2021. ) Vaccine guilt is good – as long it doesn’t stop you from getting a shot .

Lanphier, Elizabeth (2021. ) Do doctors engaging in advocacy speak for themselves or their profession? .

Lanphier, Elizabeth (2021. ) Vaccine Guilt and Moral Emotions .

Lanphier, Elizabeth (2021. ) My Body, Whose Choice? .

Lanphier, Elizabeth (2021. ) With abortion heading back to the Supreme Court, is it time to retire the ‘my body, my choice’ slogan? .

Lanphier, Elizabeth (2021. ) Parents, Covid, and Trauma-Informed Choices .

Lanphier, Elizabeth (2021. ) Should We Enroll our Child in a Covid-19 Vaccine Trial .

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