Thomas Lawler

Thomas Lawler

Medical Resident/Fellow

Professional Summary

Personal Statement
My progression towards internal medicine is comparable to the building of a house, similar to those that I built while volunteering with Habitat for Humanity. The strong foundation of this house lies in my commitment to service. The teamwork that I have demonstrated is analogous to the walls of a house, which bring the space together under one roof. Communication is comparable to the roof, which ensures that the house remains dry and does not collapse from within. And finally, the variety of complex patients are the doorways, fireplaces, and decorations, adding the characteristics that make a home comforting and interesting. I believe that I’ve truly found my calling in internal medicine; with the gratifying combination of service to others, teamwork, and caring for a variety of complex patients.
Why I Chose Cincinnati
I chose to come to the University of Cincinnati for residency because I believe that the internal medicine program is unparalleled in its commitment to resident education. The growth mindset that is prevalent throughout the program provides endless learning opportunities and allows residents to excel in patient care. I am also looking forward to moving back to a city that I love.


MD: University of Kentucky College of Medicine