Mary Leech

Associate Professor Educator

Educator Assistant Professor


PhD: University of Cincinnati 2002

Research Support

2001 -2002 University of Cincinnati Taft Memorial Fellowship (Competitive Award for Humanities) Type:Fellowship

Abbreviated Publications

Book Chapter

"Collected Essays in Old French Fabliaux." Dressing the Undressed: Clothing and Social Structure in Old French Fabliaux. Ed. Holly Crocker and Ellen Friedman. Palgrave Press, 2006.

"The English Loathly Lady Tales: Collected Essays." Why Dame Ragnell Had to Die: Feminine Power in ‘The Wedding of Sir Gawain and Dame Ragnell'. Ed. S. Elizabeth Passmore and Susan Carter. Kalamazoo: Medieval Institute Publications, 2008.

"Guide to Resources for College Writers at UIC." Introduction. Ed. Ulricke Jaeckel. Champaign: Stipes Publishing, 1992.

"Guide to Resources for College Writers at UIC." Guide to Chicago Libraries. Ed. Ulricke Jaeckel. Champaign: Stipes Publishing, 1992.


Paper Presentations

(05-2008. ) A Non-Talking Head: Social Virtue and Family Honor in Boccaccio's Unhappy Romances .Kalamazoo, MI.

(11-2007. ) What Is Old Is New Again: Using Popular Images of Medieval Culture in the Classroom .Cleveland, OH.

(10-2007. ) That's Not Funny: Comic Forms, Didactic Purpose, and Physical Injury in Medieval Tales .Spartanburg, SC.

(10-2006. ) To Ers is Human: The Fabliaux Influence on Sexual Humiliation and Homosocial Fear in The Miller's Tale .Oxford, MS.

(05-2005. ) Bleeding Men and Wholesome Women: Tortured Bodies in Anglo-Saxon Hagiography .Kalamazoo, MI.

(2005. ) St. Juliana and the Rhetorical Performance of Body .

(01-2005. ) Excess and Irony in 'The Nun's Priest's Tale' .Haifa University.

(05-2003. ) Why Dame Ragnell Had to Die .Kalamazoo, MI.

(10-1999. ) Performance and Transformation in Twelfth Night .St. Louis, MO.

(05-1994. ) The More Things Change: Spectacle in Medieval Culture .Kalamazoo, MI.

(11-1991. ) Ovid and the Revolution of Change in Metamorphoses .Chicago, IL.

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