Youn Seon Lim

Youn Seon Lim

Assistant Professor

Teachers College

CECH Education - 0002

Professional Summary

Dr. Youn Seon Lim is Assistant Professor of Quantitative and Mixed Methods Research Methodologies (QMRM) at the University of Cincinnati.  Youn Seon teaches courses in introductory and advanced statistics and psychometrics.  Her research concerns multivariate latent variable modeling, including Nonparametric and Bayesian approaches, in educational and psychological measurement and survey research.  Youn Seon has published on algorithms for estimating the Q-matrix of cognitively diagnostic assessments, on Bayesian estimation routines for large multidimensional diagnostic classification models, on model-fit statistics, and on fitting nonparametric hierarchical diagnostic classificaiton models to nested response patterns.  

Prior to joining the faculty at QMRM at the University of Cincinnati, Youn Seon was Assistant Professor of Data Science and Biostatistics at the Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra University/Northwell in Hempstead, NY.  Youn Seon did post docs in Prof. Fritz Drasgow’s Psychometric Laboratory at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and at BIFIE in Salzburg, Austria. (BIFIE stands for "Bundesinstitut für Bildungsforschung, Innovation & Entwicklung des österreichischen Schulwesens" [Federal Agency for Educational Research, Innovation, and Development of the Austrian Schooling System]—BIFIE is kind of the Austrian equivalent to ETS.)

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Ph.D.: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Psychometrics )

M.Ed.: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Educational Psychology)

M.S.: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Statistics)

M.A.: Korea University (Curriculum and Instruction)

Research and Practice Interests

Educational and psychological measurement theories (classical test theory, item response theory) 
Educational and psychological test development and validation 
Educational and psychological measurement data modeling 
Cognitive diagnostic modeling
Statistical and psychometric consulting


Peer Reviewed Publications

Bangeranye, C. & Lim, Y. S. (co-first author) (2020. ) How to use cognitively diagnostic assessment of student performance as a tool for monitoring and managing the instructional quality in undergraduate medical education .Academic Medicine, , 95 ,145 -150

Alcon, S., Ahmed, B., Sloane, D., Lim. Y. S., Cervia, J. (2020. ) Interventions to improve medication adherence in adolescents with HIV: A systematic review and meta-analysis .Journal of Investigative Medicine, ,

Lim, Y. S., & Drasgow, F. (2019. ) Assessing the dimensionality of the latent attribute space in cognitive diagnosis through testing for conditional independence .Quantitative Psychology Research, , 183 -194

Lim, Y. S. (2019. ) Student perception of formative assessment as an instructional tool in medical education .Medical Science Educator, , 29 ,255 -263

Lim, Y. S., Drasgow, F., & Kern, J. (2019. ) Estimation of the parameters of the reduced RUM model by simulated annealing .Psychological Test and Assessment Modeling, , 61 ,187 -205

Lim, Y. S., & Drasgow, F. (2019. ) Conditional independence and dimensionality of nonparametric cognitive diagnostic models: A test for model fit .Journal of Classification, , 36 ,295 -305

Petrizzo, M.C., LaBarca, M.B., Lim, Y. S., Anglim, J., Cassara, M., Joncgo, A., & Stern, J. (2019. ) Utilization of high-fidelity simulation to address challenges with the basic science immunology education of preclinical medical students .BMC Medical Education, , 19 ,1 -8

Willey, M. J., Lim, Y. S., & Kwiatkowski, K. (2018. ) Modeling integration: co-teaching and clinical sciences medicine in the classroom .Advances in Medical Education and Practice, , 9 ,739 -751

Ginzburg, S., Schwartz, J., Gerber, R., Deutsch, S., Elkowitz, D., Ventura-DiPersia, C., Lim, Y. S., Lucito, R. (2018. ) Assessment of medical students’ leadership traits in a problem/case-based learning program .Medical Education Online, , 23 ,1 -8

Lim, Y. S., & Drasgow, F. (2018. ) A joint maximum likelihood estimation approach to cognitive diagnosis models .Quantitative Psychology Research, , 335 -350

Lim, Y. S., & Drasgow, F. (2017. ) Nonparametric calibration of item by attribute matrix in cognitive diagnosis .Multivariate Behavioral Research, , 52 ,562 -575

Hong, G., Chun, W., Lim, Y. S, & Douglas, J. (2015. ) Efficient models for cognitive diagnosis with continuous and mixed-type latent variables .Applied Psychological Measurement, , 39 ,31 -43

Lim, Y. S. (2008. ) Needs analysis for testing of Korean as a foreign language in the US .SoonChunHyang Journal of Humanities, , 21 ,217 -248

Honors and Awards

2018 -2020 Medical educator perception of self-directed learning: Benefits, characteristics, strategies International Association of Medical Science Educators (IAMSE) Educational Scholarship Grant Status:Recipient Level:International Type:Grant

Courses Taught

EDST 7010 Statistical Data Analysis I Level:Graduate

EDST 7011 Statistical Data Analysis II Level:Graduate

EDST 8087 Multilevel Models for Educational Research Level:Graduate

EDST 8034 Measurement and Assessment Level:Graduate

Contact Information

638R Teachers College
Cincinnati   Ohio, 45221
Phone: 5135567382