Richard Li

Richard Li

Assoc Professor

Research Support

Grant: #22-0807C-01 / PON2-605-2200002513 Investigators:Li, Zhixia 10-21-2022 -10-20-2023 Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Vehicle Trajectory-Based Evaluation of Stop Sign Spacings Impact on Reducing Vehicle Speed using Radar Sensing Technology Role:PI 60000.00 Hold Level:Other

Grant: #pending Investigators:AHMED, MOHAMED; Ash, John; Li, Zhixia; Wei, Heng 02-21-2023 -02-20-2028 Department of Transportation Transportation Cybersecurity Center for Advanced Research and Education (CYBER-CARE) Role:PI 300000.00 Hold Level:Federal

Grant: #pending Task 1 ROC / 39174 Investigators:Li, Richard 01-31-2024 -08-31-2024 Federal Highway Administration Synthesis Study on Methods for Collection of Traffic Data Role:PI 50000.00 Hold Level:Federal