Winifred Lo

Winifred Lo

Chief Resident in General Surgery


Medical Degree, Northwestern University 2013

Bachelor's Degree, Northwestern University 2009 (Medical Engineering)

Positions and Work Experience

2010 -2011 Research assistant, Northwestern Orthopaedics Institute (Preceptors: S. David Stulberg, MD, Ronak Patel, MD), Coordinated 5-year follow-up study evaluating short-term remodeling changes using short-stem inserts in total hip arthroplasties using radiographic changes and patient reported clinical symptoms.,


Peer Reviewed Publications

Cohen DL, Lo W, Tsavaris A, Peng D, Lipson H, Bonassar LJ (2011. ) Increased mixing improves hydrogel homogeneity and quality in 3D printed constructs .Tissue Engineering, , 17 (2 ) ,239 -248

Lo, Winifred M; Ripley, R Taylor (2017. ) Epidermal growth factor receptor mutational status in lung adenocarcinoma: Staging implications or continuous evolution?.The Journal of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery, ,

Li, Dandan; Lo, Winifred; Rudloff, Udo (2018. ) Merging perspectives: genotype-directed molecular therapy for hereditary diffuse gastric cancer (HDGC) and E-cadherin-EGFR crosstalk.Clinical and translational medicine, , 7 (1 ) ,7

Lo, Winifred M; Good, Meghan L; Nilubol, Naris; Perrier, Nancy D; Patel, Dhaval T (2018. ) Tumor Size and Presence of Metastatic Disease at Diagnosis are Associated with Disease-Specific Survival in Parathyroid Carcinoma.Annals of surgical oncology, ,

Patel RM, Lo WM, Cayo MA, Dolan MM, Stulberg SD (2013. ) Stable, dependable fixation of short-stem femoral implants at 5 years.Orthopedics, , 36 (3 ) ,e301-7

Higham AK, Lo W, Vanagunas A, Crandall M (2015. ) Failed endoscopic “over-the-scope” clip repair following iatrogenic colon perforation during screening colonoscopy.Clin Case Rep Rev, , 1 (2 ) ,31-3

Lo W, Sussman JJ (2017. ) Hepatobiliary oncologic surgery in the elderly.Curr Geri Rep, , 6 (3 ) ,127–32

Hughes, Marybeth S; Lo, Winifred M; Beresnev, Tatiana; Merino, Maria; Shutack, Yvonne; Ripley, R Taylor; Hernandez, Jonathan M; Davis, Jeremy L (2018. ) A Phase II Trial of Cytoreduction and Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy for Recurrent Adrenocortical Carcinoma.The Journal of surgical research, , 232 ,383-388

Kariya, Christine M; Wach, Michael M; Ruff, Samantha M; Ayabe, Reed I; Lo, Winifred M; Torres, Madeline B; Petrick, Jessica L; McNeel, Timothy S; Davis, Jeremy L; McGlynn, Katherine A; Hernandez, Jonathan M (2019. ) Postbiliary drainage rates of cholangitis are impacted by procedural technique for patients with supra-ampullary cholangiocarcinoma: A SEER-Medicare analysis.Journal of surgical oncology, , 120 (2 ) ,249-255

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Lo W.;Morris M.;Ahmad S.;Patel S. (10-01-2019. ) Screening patients at high risk for pancreatic cancer—Is it time for a paradigm shift?.Journal of Surgical Oncology, , 120 (5 ) ,851-857

Book Chapter

Lo W, Williams V (2016 ) Esophagectomy for swallowing disorders Comprehensive Management of Swallowing Disorders, 2nd ed .San Diego: Plural Publishing

Lo W (2017 ) Benign esophageal disease The Mont Reid Surgical Handbook, 7th ed .Elsevier

Lo W (2017 ) Thymus and mediastinal tumors The Mont Reid Surgical Handbook, 7th ed .Elsevier


Poster Presentations

Patel RM, Lo W, Dolan M, Stulberg SD (06-2012. ) Short-stem metaphyseal engaging femoral implants: five-year follow-up .125th AOA Annual Meeting, Washington, DC. .

Patel RM, Lo W, Dolan M, Stulberg SD (02-2012. ) Short-stem metaphyseal engaging femoral implants: five-year follow-up .AAOS Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA. .

Patel RM, Lo W, Dolan M, Stulberg SD (11-2011. ) Short-stem metaphyseal engaging femoral implants: five-year follow-up .21st AAHKS Annual Meeting, Austin, TX. .

Patel RM, Lo W, Dolan MD, Stulberg SD (09-2011. ) Metaphyseal engaging short stem femoral implants: a five-year follow-up .International Society for Technology in Arthroplasty, Bruges, Belgium. .

Lo W, Patel RM, Stulberg SD (10-2010. ) Metaphyseal engaging short stem femoral implants: five-year follow-up .Medical Student Summer Research Program Poster Session, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago, IL. .

Cohen DL, Lo W, Tsavaris A, Bonassar LJ, Lipson H (02-2009. ) Improved quality of 3D-printed tissue engineering scaffold constructs through enhanced mixing .Orthopaedic Research Society 55th Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, NV. .

Cohen DL, Lo W, Tsavaris A, Bonassar LJ, Lipson H (12-2008. ) Improved quality of 3D-printed tissue engineering scaffold constructs through enhanced mixing .TERMIS-NA 2008, San Diego, CA. .

Cohen DL, Lo W, Tsavaris A, Bonassar LJ, Lipson H (08-2008. ) Improved quality of 3D-printed tissue engineering scaffold constructs through enhanced mixing .20th Annual International Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium, Austin, TX. .

Lo W, Nilubol N, Perrier N, et al (04-2017. ) Is the incidence of parathyroid carcinoma continuing to increase? A 30-year SEER database analysis .American Association of Endocrine Surgeons (AAES), Orlando FL. .

Lo W, Kariya CM, Hernandez JM (03-2018. ) Stage and disease-free interval are useful in selecting patients for surgical management of locally recurrent and metastatic adrenocortical carcinoma .Society of Surgical Oncology Annual Cancer Symposium, Chicago, IL. .

Paper Presentations

Lo W, Davis JL, Beresnev T, et al (01-2018. ) A phase II trial of cytoreduction and heated intraperitoneal chemotherapy for recurrent adrenocortical carcinoma .Academic Surgical Congress, Jacksonville FL.

Lo W, van Beek E, Sinha S, et al (01-2018. ) Stromal activation mediates metastatic outgrowth of pancreatic cancer cells in the liver .Academic Surgical Congress, Jacksonville FL.

Honors and Awards

2012 Hoyt Fund Scholarship

2010 Medical Student Summer Research Program

2009 -2010 Lein Student Scholar

2008 National Science Foundation grant for Research Experiences for Undergraduates

2016 NIH Clinical Center Director’s Award (Patient Safety)

2017 Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS) Looking to the Future Travel Scholarship

2019 Gold Humanism and Excellence in Teaching Award

2019 Presented keynote address at Student Clinician Ceremony, UC College of Medicine

Post Graduate Training and Education

07-2015-06-2018 Research Fellow, National Cancer Institute, Surgery Branch (Mentors: Steven A. Rosenberg, MD, PhD, Maria Parkhurst PhD), ,

Other Information

2010-2012    Illinois State Medical Society
Vice-chair, 2011-2012
Governing Council, 2010-2012
Northwestern University school delegate, 2010-2011
2009-2011     American Medical Association Medical Student Section
Standing committee on Medical Education, 2009-2011
Region 2 delegate, 2010-2011
2009-2011    American Medical Student Association
Cultural Sensitivity Skills Program
Course coordinator, 2010-2011
2010-2011     Loyal Davis Surgical Society
Surgical shadowing coordinator, 2010-2011
Skiing, snowboarding, photography (Nikon F2, Canon Rebel T4i),  hiking,

Contact Information

Academic - Medical Sciences Building
231 Albert Sabin Way
Cincinnati  Ohio, 45267-0558
Phone: 513-558-4206