Shan Lu

Shan Lu , PhD

Research Scientist

Research Scientist

Cardiovascular Diseases Center
231 Albert Sabin Way
ML 0529
Cincinnati, Ohio 45267
Phone 513-558-5109
Fax 513-558-2289


Doctoral Degree: University of Texas 1995 (Biomedical Sciences)

Master's Degree: University of Texas Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences 1993 (Molecular Biology)

Bachelor's Degree: Bejing Normal University 1988 (Biology)

Post Doctoral Fellowship: Baylor College of Medicine 1998 (Molecular Endocrinology )

Research and Practice Interests

Prostate and Breast, Molecular Endocrinology, Integrative Biology and Pharmacology, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Hematology Oncology 

Positions and Work Experience

- Associate Professor, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Cardiovascular Center - CVC

Research Support

Investigators:Lu, Shan 01-01-2006 -12-31-2006 American Cancer Society - Ohio Chapter Vav3 in Prostate Cancer Role:PI Closed 001835-001 Level:Private Non-Profit

Grant: #uc Investigators:Lu, Shan 07-01-2006 -06-30-2008 Ohio Cancer Research Associates The Molecular Pathway of Vav3-Mediated Androgen Receptor Activation in Prostate Cancer Role:PI Closed 001893-001 Level:Private Non-Profit

Grant: #R01 CA119935 Investigators:Lu, Shan 08-28-2007 -05-31-2012 National Cancer Institute Vav3 Oncogene in Prostate Cancer Role:PI Active 005170-001 Level:Federal

Grant: #R21CA223049 Investigators:Dong, Zhongyun; Lu, Shan 08-01-2018 -07-31-2020 National Cancer Institute Preclinical safety and efficacy assessment of a novel PCNA inhibitor for prostate cancer therapy Role:Collaborator $208,854.00 Active Level:Federal

Grant: #W81XWH-22-1-0815 Investigators:Dong, Zhongyun; Lu, Shan 09-30-2022 -09-29-2025 Department of the Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity Targeting proliferating cell nuclear antigen for enhancing efficacy of radiotherapy in prostate cancer Role:Collaborator 1164481.00 Active Level:Federal


Peer Reviewed Publications

Liu,Y., Mo,J.Q., Hu,Q., Boivin,G., Levin,L., Lu.S., Yang,D., Dong,Z.Y., and Lu,S (2008. ) Targeted overexpression of Vav3 oncogene in prostatic epithelium induces nonbacterial prostatitis and prostate cancer .Cancer Research, , 68 ,6396-6406

Lee,K, Liu,Y., Mo,J.Q., Zhang,J., Dong, Z.Y., Lu, S (2008. ) Vav3 oncogene activates estrogen receptor and its overexpression may be involved in human breast cancer .BCM cancer, , 8 ,158

Lu, S., Wang, A., Lu, S., and Dong, Z.Y (2007. ) DL3 is a novel anti-androgen and interrupts androgen receptor signaling in prostate cancer cells .Mol. Cancer Ther, , 6 (7 ) ,2057-2064

Lu,S., Lee,J., Revelo,M., Wang,X., Lu,S., and Dong,Z.Y (2007. ) Smad3 is overexpressed in advanced human prostate cancer and necessary for progressive growth of prostate cancer cells in nude mice .Clinical Cancer Research, , 13 (19 ) ,5692-702

Dong,Z.Y., Liu,Y., Lee,K., Lu,S., Wang, A., Wang,L.H., Revelo,M., and Lu,S (2006. ) Vav3 oncogene is overexpressed and regulates cell growth and androgen receptor activity in human prostate cancer .Mol. Endo., , 20 ,2315-2325

Lu,S., Tan,Z., Wortaman,M., Lu,S., and Dong,Z.Y. (2010. ) Androgen receptor-dependent regulation of heat shock protein 70 in human prostate cancer cells .Int J Oncol., , 36 ,459-467

Liu,Y., Wu,X., Dong,Z.Y., and Lu,S. (2010. ) The molecular mechanisms of Vav3 oncogene activation of androgen receptor in human prostate cancer cells .Int J Oncol., , 36 ,623-633

Lu, S., Tan,Z., Wortman,M., Lu,S., and Dong,Z.U. (2010. ) Preferential Induction of G1 Arrest in Androgen Responsive Human Prostate Cancer Cells by Androgen Receptor Signaling Antagonists DL3 and antiandrogen bicalutamide .Cancer Letters, , 298 ,250-7

Dong,Z.Y., Liu,Y., Levin,L., Scott,K., Gaitonde,K., Wang,J., Zhai,Q., Oleksowicz,L., and Lu, S. (2010. ) Secretory phospholipase A2-IIa is involved in prostate cancer progression and may potentially serve as a biomarker for prostate cancer .Carcinogenesis, , 31 ,1948-1955

Dong,Z.Y., Liu,Y., Levin,L., Oleksowicz,L., Wang,J., and Lu, S. (2011. ) Vav3 oncogene is involved in regulation of secretory phospholipase A2-IIa expression in prostate cancer .Oncology Reports, , 25 (6 ) ,1511-6

Contact Information

Academic - Cardiovascular Diseases Center
231 Albert Sabin Way
Cincinnati  Ohio, 45267
Phone: 513-558-5109
Fax: 513-558-2289