Kathleen Lynch

Kathleen M. Lynch



Blegen Library


A&S Classics - 0226

Professional Summary

Kathleen is a Classical Archaeologist who has worked on sites in Italy, Greece, Albania, and Turkey. In particular, she is a ceramic specialist interested in Athenian figured wares from archaeological contexts. Her research currently spans a number of ceramic related topics from issues of Attic chronology to iconography to symposia. In addition, her research considers the role trade played in shaping Attic potters’ and painters’ outputs. In general, the goal of Kathleen’s research is to place material culture back into its context of use in order to understand better the people who used the objects. She is currently publishing ceramic material from Gordion and the excavations of the Athenian Agora.

Kathleen's book, The Symposium in Context, ASCSA Publications, won the 2013 AIA Wiseman Award for best book in archaeology. She won the 2014 UC Dolly A.B. Cohen Award for excellence in teaching, and the Provost's Award for faculty excellence in 2016.

At UC she teaches Classical Mythology and courses on Greek and Roman archaeology.

When she isn’t poring over pottery, she enjoys knitting and gardening.

Full CV available here.


Research and Practice Interests

Greek pottery, its iconography, cultural uses and meaning; Greek and Roman Archaeology; Greek and Roman dining and drinking.