Emmy Mai

Emmy Mai

Medical Resident/Fellow

Professional Summary

Personal Statement
I see a lot of my family in the sickest members of the U.S. population- men and women who can’t seem to stay away from alcohol or smoking, foods too rich for their arteries to handle, and years of hard labor wearing down joints. Not only do I see them in the hospitals or critical care units, but I also saw them in the Hispanic/African-American population we educated about nutrition and female reproduction through Project LEAN. They exist in the uninsured people who come to the Health Resource Center who hurt and don’t know why they hurt, and they exist in the diabetic cells I analyzed and painstakingly cultured in the Millman Labs. Because of this viewpoint, the patient was the beginning of the story for me, and I found it fascinating to connect the dots between basic science to pathophysiology, to the constellations of clinical symptoms and the various differentials they spawn, back to the patient and their background. What I find most fulfilling is working with an adult patient, asking questions, discovering their diagnosis, and then helping them understand this diagnosis with what I know. Internal medicine is absolutely where I have found this fulfillment.

Why I Chose Cincinnati
I thought it would be easy to describe why I like the Cincinnati so much but to be honest, there’s a collection of reasons that on their own seem insignificant, but together become so much more than the sum of their parts. Cincinnati itself is a great city that has a great mixture of parks, sports, and food. Everyone I met at the program was friendly and genuinely happy. Dr. Warm is one of the most responsive and thoughtful PDs I’ve ever had the fortune of meeting, and I was impressed by the way the program stressed patient-centered outcomes and critical thinking and learning. And the Graeter’s black raspberry chocolate chip ice cream that the residents bought us on our interview day was pretty much the cherry on top.


MD: Saint Louis University School of Medicine

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University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
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Cincinnati  Ohio, 45267