Randall Marshall

Randall Stephen Marshall

Adjunct Assistant Professor

PhD Student

Rieveschl Hall

A&S Biological Adjuncts - 0006


A.A: University of Cincinnati 2007 (Natural Sciences)

B.S.: University of Cincinnati 2011 (Biological Sciences)

Research and Practice Interests

Our lab focuses on environmental geobiochemical parameters and the resultant microbial or bacterial communities produced by bottom-up selection.

My current personal research focuses on determining bacterioplankton diversity effects of system enrichement. Towards this end we do environmental sampling, DNA extractions, and 16S rRNA sequencing with the help of the University of Miami. The eventual goal is to understand conditions that produce very low evenness communities from what are usually highly diverse ones - harmful algal blooms (HABs) such as Microcystis or Planktothrix species associated with water eutrophication being notable examples.

Research Support

Investigators:Randall S. Marshall 2012 Wieman Wendell Benedict Fund Wieman Wendell Bendict Award Active Type:Grant

2013 Wieman Wendell Benedict Fund Wieman Wendell Bendict Award, Active Type:Grant


Poster Presentations

Randall Marshall, Kyle Moore, Dr. Jodi Shann (05-27-2011. ) Manganese Uptake and Toxicity in Solanum and Capiscum .Tangeman Hall, UC. . Level:College

Randall Marshall (03-01-2013. ) Phosphorous limited competition and pH limitation in Grand Lake St. Marys Microcystis isolates .University of Cincinnati, UC. . Level:University


Randall Marshall (10-27-2012. ) Algal Isolations and Phosphorous Competition in Algal Blooms Containing Microcystis aeruginosa .Cincinnati Zoo. Other Institution. Level:Department


(08-19-2012. ) ORBCRE .Ohio University. Other Institution. Level:Regional

Honors and Awards

09-01-2012 Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation award/finalist : State-based programs that seek to attract talented, committed individuals with backgrounds in mathematics, science, engineering, and technology into teaching in high-need urban and rural secondary schools. (Declined to pursue biological sciences MS) WWF Status:Nomination Level:Regional Type:Fellowship

National Merit Semifinalist, 1992 Status:Recipient Level:National Type:Recognition


Reviewer Type:Other Educational Service Level:Local 03-16-2013


microcystis, microcystins, limnology, environmental microbiology, cyanobacteria

Professional Affiliation

08-2011 -To Present: Member Phycological Society of America

09-22-2012 -01-20-2013: Cincinati Contemporary Arts Center: Green Acres - Technical support and maintenance of a long-term aquaculture display. Contributed to public awareness of microbiology, water quality issues, algal blooms and biofuels production.

Courses Taught




15-BIOL-692 LIMNOLOGY LAB Level:Both