Luca Marsili

Luca Marsili

Instructor - Adjunct

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COM Neurology CCBP - 0525

Professional Summary

After completing my residency training in Neurology, in Italy, I enrolled in a PhD program in Clinical Neuroscience. During these years, my clinical and research interest were focused on: a) Physiology of human motor system and pathophysiology of movement disorders, by using transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and computerized kinematical analysis techniques, b) Therapeutic strategies and clinical challenges in Parkinson’s disease (PD), atypical parkinsonisms (APs) and other movement disorders (Dystonia, Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome, tics, chorea); c) Stroke management. As co-investigator, I conducted some phase-III multicentric randomized clinical trials in PD. Most of these research activities focused on primary motor cortex plasticity and its correlation with clinical features, to better understand the pathophysiology of different movement disorders. I became particularly interested also in clinical challenges, particularly in monitoring, programming, and following up patients with PD, AP, Dystonia and other movement disorders and neurodegenerative pathologies. During my training period in the Movement Disorders Clinic at “Sapienza”, University of Rome, I focused also in botulinum toxin therapy for the management of Dystonia and other movement disorders (both echo- and EMG-guided botulinum toxin injections).


Peer Reviewed Publications

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Post Graduate Training and Education

2008-2013 Residency in Neurology, Sapienza, University of Rome, , Rome, Italy