Eduardo Martinez

Eduardo Joseph Martinez

Assistant Professor

Professional Summary

My research is in democratic theory and focuses on standards for evaluating institutions and practices within democracies, such as administrative agencies, civic education, representation, and political partisanship. For more on my research, please see my website:


Ph.D.: University of Michigan 2020 (Philosophy)

B.A.: Columbia University 2014 (Economics and Philosophy)

Research and Practice Interests


Peer Reviewed Publications

Derrick Darby & Eduardo J. Martinez (2022. ) Making Identities Safe for Democracy.Journal of Political Philosophy, , 30 (3 ) ,273 More Information

Eduardo J. Martinez (2021. ) Realizing the Value of Public Input: Mini-public Consultation on Agency Rulemaking.Philosophical Issues, , 31 (1 ) ,240 More Information

Other Publications

Eduardo J. Martinez (2022. ) Democratic Innovation to Improve Agency Rulemaking Comments .The Regulatory Review,

Courses Taught

Bioethics Level:Undergraduate

Environmental Ethics Level:Undergraduate

Philosophy of Race Level:Undergraduate

Social & Political Philosophy Level:Undergraduate

Political Philosophy Level:Graduate

Topics in Moral Philosophy Level:Graduate

Contact Information

Arts & Sciences Hall 206C