Jacob Mast

Jacob Forest Mast

Graduate Assistant

Graduate Student- Thompson Lab

Research Support

Grant: #AHA; 24PRE1240071 Investigators:Mast, Jacob; Thompson, Thomas 01-01-2024 -12-31-2025 American Heart Association - National Chapter Characterization of the Molecular Mechanism of Erythroferrone Antagonism and Specificity Role:PI 33694.00 Active Level:Non Profit


Peer Reviewed Publications

Mast, Jacob F; Leach, Edmund A E; Thompson, Thomas B (2024. ) Characterization of erythroferrone oligomerization and its impact on BMP antagonism.The Journal of biological chemistry, , 300 (1 ) ,105452 More Information

Sharma, Bal Krishan; Mureb, Duaa; Murab, Sumit; Rosenfeldt, Leah; Francisco, Brenton; Cantrell, Rachel; Karns, Rebekah; Romick-Rosendale, Lindsey; Watanabe-Chailland, Miki; Mast, Jacob; Flick, Matthew J; Whitlock, Patrick W; Palumbo, Joseph S (2021. ) Fibrinogen activates focal adhesion kinase (FAK) promoting colorectal adenocarcinoma growth.Journal of thrombosis and haemostasis : JTH, , 19 (10 ) ,2480-2494 More Information