Audrey McCartney

Audrey Tuttle McCartney

Medical Resident/Fellow

Professional Summary

Personal Statement
Mr. C represents much of why I am drawn to Internal Medicine—from investigating and treating a multitude of disease processes, to caring for someone over the course of days and weeks. The cruciverbalist in me relishes the complex interplay of pathology and physiology. I spend my spare moments poring over the literature to piece together how clues given to us by a patient’s symptoms or labs could be linked. Unlike a crossword puzzle, however, there is often no satisfying answer and a corner of the grid remains blank. Indeed, we never uncovered an explanation for Mr. C’s profound anemia and the etiology of his edema was attributed to multiple factors. This patient presented not only a diagnostic and therapeutic dilemma, but also at times an impasse of personalities. Treating him highlighted the nuanced ways in which an Internal Medicine clinician practices medicine, tailoring their approach in order to formulate and achieve common goals. I am eager to continue honing this skill.
Why I Chose Cincinnati
Having been a medical student at UCCOM, I was privileged to work with the remarkable IM residents at UCMC.  They were both excellent teachers and lifelong learners themselves.  I felt welcomed and like a part of the team even as a student and that is the experience I wanted to continue to have during my Residency.


MD: University of Cincinnati College of Medicine