Victoria Ann McQuiddy

Assistant Professor - Educator

French East


CAHS Rehab, Exercise & Nutrition Science - 0394


PhD, Nova Southeastern University Fort Lauderdale, FL, 2018 (Occupational Therapy)

Master of Health Sciences, University of Indianapolis 2007 (Occupational Therapy)

Bachelor of Science, Xavier University 2003 (Occupational Therapy)


Peer Reviewed Publications

McQuiddy, V. & Brennan, A.M. (2016. )Occupational Therapy Using Rapid Prompting Method: A Case Study.Autism Open Access Journal, ,6 (1 ),

McQuiddy, V. A., Scheerer, C. R., Lavalley, R., McGrath, T., & Lin, L. (2015. )Normative Values for Grip and Pinch Strength for 6- to 19-year-olds.Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, ,96 ,1627 -1633

Javaherian, H., Krabacher, V., Andriacco, K., & German, D. (2007. )Surviving domestic violence: Rebuilding one’s life. Occupational Therapy in Healthcare, ,21 (3 ),35 -59

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