Jack Mewhirter

Jack Michael Mewhirter

Assoc Professor

Assistant Professor

Crosley Tower

A&S School of Public and International A - 0375

Professional Summary

Dr. Mewhirter's research expertise is in the subfield of public policy: a  field of study which examines the emergence of societal problems and inefficiencies, the policy tools available to correct them, the organizations charged with the implementation of policies, the factors that impact organizational effectiveness, and the evaluation of implemented policies.

His published and ongoing research focuses on two, distinct topics. His main area of research focuses on the study of complex governance systems (generally in the context of water governance): governance structures where decision making authority is delegated to multiple organizations that (often) collectively make policy decisions across a set of interdependent decision making venues (or “forums”). His research in this area generally attempts to answer two, related questions: 1) How do organizations build political influence across the system to better influence the forums in which they participate? 2) How does forum interdependence affect the policy decisions made in the related forums?

His second area of interest focuses on the evaluation of current policies of pressing public importance. Here, he utilizes a variety of quantitative techniques to assess the causal impact of public policies and tease out whether and to what extent they can be considered effective. 


Ph.D.: Florida State University 2016 (Political Science)

M.S.: Florida State University 2013 (Political Science)

B.A. : New College of Florida 2010 (Political Science)

Research Support

2018 NSA CAE-CO Program Expansion Initiative Grant. The Dynamics of Cyber Operations: An Experimental Model Role:Co-Investigator $156,659.89 Active Type:Grant

Grant: #SES-0921153 2014 NSF "Governing Complex Commons: Policy Networks in an Ecology of Games Role:Collaborator $234,638 Active Type:Grant

2017 Cincinnati Gender Audit Research Grant Role:Head of Quantitative Research $20,500 Active Type:Grant

Grant: #H98230-18-1-0336 Investigators:Harknett, Richard; Mewhirter, Jack 08-24-2018 -08-23-2019 National Security Agency NSA CAE-CO 2018- w/ CEDARVILLE SOCHE SUB Role:Collaborator $156,660.00 Active Level:Federal

Grant: #SES-2034367 Investigators:Mewhirter, Jack; Sanders, Rebecca 07-01-2020 -06-30-2021 National Science Foundation RAPID: Public Perceptions of Civil Rights Trade-Offs During the COVID-19 Pandemic Role:Collaborator $199,251.00 Awarded Level:Federal


Peer Reviewed Publications

“The Origins of Conflict in Polycentric Governance Systems” (with Mark Lubell, Ramiro Berardo). 2020. Public Administration Review .

“Deciphering Cyber Operations: The Use of Experimental Methods for Studying the Dynamics of New Military Strategic Concepts in Cyberspace” (with Seth Hamman, Jelena Vicic and Richard Harknett). 2020. Cyber Defense Review .

“The Impact of Actor Diversity on Forum Effectiveness in Complex Governance Systems” (with Manuel Fischer and Danielle McLaughlin). 2019. Society & Natural Resources .

“The Role of Forum Interdependence and Network Structure on Actor Performance in Complex Governance Systems” (with Ramiro Berardo). 2019. Policy Studies Journal .

“Institutional Externalities and Actor Performance in Polycentric Governance Systems” (with Mark Lubell and Ramiro Berardo). 2018. Environmental Policy and Governance .

“Participation and Political Influence in Complex Governance Systems” (with Eric Coleman and Ramiro Berardo). 2017. Policy Studies Journal .

“Militarization and Police Violence: The Case of the 1033 Program” (with Casey Delehanty, Ryan Welch and Jason Wilks). 2017. Research and Politics .

“Transaction Costs and the Perceive Effectiveness of Complex Institutional Systems” (with Mark Lubell, Ramiro Berardo, and John Scholz). 2017. Public Administration Review .

Technical Reports

“Cities for CEDAW Gender Audit Report.” 2020. Prepared for the Cincinnati Gender Equality Task Force (prepared in conjunction with various members from the UC Gender Equality Research Team). .

“Evaluating Inequalities Affecting Black Women in Cincinnati.” 2020. Prepared for All-In Cincinnati (prepared in conjunction with Brandi Blessett, Tia Gaynor and Brian Calfano). .

Contact Information

Phone: 513-556-3302