Stephen Meyer

Stephen Conrad Meyer


Professor of Musicology

Emery Hall


CCM Musicology - 0003

Professional Summary

Stephen Meyer specializes in early nineteenth-century opera, film music, music history pedagogy, music and medievalism, and the history of recorded sound. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Music History Pedagogy


Ph.D: SUNY-Stony Brook Stony Brook, NY, 1996 (Music History)

Research and Practice Interests

Nineteenth-century opera
Film music
History of Recorded Sound
Music and Medievalism
Music History Pedagogy

Positions and Work Experience

2014 - Editor-in Chief, Journal of Music History Pedagogy,

1998 -2015 Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Department of Art and Music Histories, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY

2015 - Associate Professor, Composition, Musicology, and Theory Division College-Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

2017 - Professor of Musicology, Promotion to Full Professor, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati OH


Peer Reviewed Publications

(2012. ) 'Leitmotif:' On the Application of a Word to Film Music .Journal of Film Music, , 5 (1-2 ) ,99

(2009. ) Illustrating Transcendence: Parsifal, Franz Stassen, and the Leitmotive .The Musical Quarterly, , 92 (1-2 ) ,9

(2009. ) Soundscapes of Middle Earth: The Question of Medievalist Music in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings Films .Studies in Medievalism, , XVIII ,165

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(2008. ) Sound Recording and the End of the Italian Lohengrin .Cambridge Opera Journal, , 20 (1 ) ,1

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Stephen C Meyer (2000. ) Marschner's Villains, Monomania, and the Fantasy of Deviance .Cambridge Opera Journal, , 14 (2 ) ,

Other Publications

(2010. ) Der Freischütz and the Hunt .Amics del Liceu (the Friends of the Liceu, Barcelona Opera House) Season Book 2010-2011,

Published Books

Stephen C. Meyer (2015. ) Epic Sound: Music in Postwar Hollywood Biblical Films .Bloomington and Indianapolis , Indiana University Press (Author)

Stephen C. Meyer (2003. ) Carl Maria von Weber and the Search for a German Opera .Bloomington and Indianapolis , Indiana University Press (Author)

Meyer, Stephen C. and Kirsten Yri, eds. (2020. ) The Oxford Handbook of Music and Medievalism .New York, NY , Oxford University Press (Co-Editor)

Meyer, Stephen C., ed. (2016. ) Music in Epic Film: Listening to Spectacle .New York, NY , Routledge (Editor)

Book Chapter

Stephen C. Meyer (2009 ) Technology and Aesthetics: Historically Informed Performance Practice and the Compact Disc Performance Practice: Issues and Approaches .Ann Arbor, Steglein

Stephen C Meyer (2020 ) “There and Back Again: Music for the Action Sequences in Peter Jackson’s Hobbit Films” Sound Like Action!: Music in Action Film .New York, Routledge (Author)

Stephen C Meyer (2019 ) “The Double Life of Rózsa’s Violin Concerto and The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes” Double Lives: Film Music Composers in the Concert Hall .New York, Routledge (Author)

Stephen C Meyer (2019 ) “Teaching Music History in the Era of Polarization” Teaching the Music History Survey .New York, Norton (Author)

Encyclopedia Article

Stephen C. Meyer (2013. ) The Cambridge Wagner Encyclopedia .Cambridge, Cambridge University Press (Author)


Paper Presentations

Stephen C. Meyer (2016. ) The Politics of Authenticity in Miklós Rózsa’s Score to El Cid (1961) .Cleveland OH. Professional Meeting.

Stephen C. Meyer (2015. ) Sonic Elision and Fantastic Desire: The Ring of Power in Jackson's Lord of the Rings Films .Louisville KY. Professional Meeting. Level:International

Stephen C. Meyer (2015. ) Leaving the Wolf's Glen: Measuring Decanonization in the Digital Age .New York, NY. Professional Meeting. Level:International