Laura Micciche

Laura R. Micciche


Area Director of Rhetoric and Composition, Professor

McMicken Hall


A&S English - 0069

Professional Summary

Laura R. Micciche earned her doctorate in Rhetoric and Composition at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 1999. After teaching at East Carolina University for five years, she joined the English Department at UC in 2004. Her book, Doing Emotion: Rhetoric, Writing, Teaching (Boynton/Cook 2007), reconfigures emotion as something we *do* rather than something we *have.* The book develops a theory of emotion that departs from the Aristotelian tradition and offers practical strategies for implementing this alternative model in writing classrooms. This study is an extension of earlier work, particularly A Way to Move: Rhetorics of Emotion and Composition Studies (Boynton/Cook 2003), edited with Dale Jacobs, which examines the role of emotion in teaching, research, & administration. In Acknowledging Writing Partners Micciche studies writing relationships expressed in written acknowledgments. Most recently, she co-edited Failure Pedagogies: Learning and Unlearning What It Means to Fail (Peter Lang 2020) with Allison D. Carr. Essays on related and other topics (i.e., inclusive editing; wpa agency; feminist writing practices; graduate student writing instruction; grammar instruction; visual rhetoric; comp's disciplinary identity) have appeared in WPA, College English, College Composition and Communication, Rhetoric Review, JAC, Composition Studies, Composition Forum, and various edited collections. For short online pieces, see "Writers Have Always Loved Mobile Devices" and "Dissertation Assistance During COVID-19." See complete CV for more info.


PhD: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 1999 (Rhetoric and Composition)

M.A.: Ohio University Athens, OH, 1994 (Poetry and Writing Pedagogy)

Research and Practice Interests

Writing Pedagogy, Feminist Pedagogy, Rhetorical Theory (contemporary, rhetoric of emotion, public rhetoric, feminist theory), Writing Program Administration

Positions and Work Experience

2008 -2012 Director of English Composition,

Research Support

Grant: #URC Faculty Awards 2014-2015 Investigators:Micciche, Laura 01-23-2014 -01-22-2015 UC's University Research Council URC Faculty Awards 2014-2015 Role:PI $8,000.00 Active Level:Internal UC

Abbreviated Publications

Peer Reviewed Publications

“Multimodality, Performance, and Teacher Training.” With Hannah J. Rule and Liv Stratman. Computers and Composition Online (Spring 2012).

“Toward Graduate-Level Writing Instruction,” with Allison Carr. College Composition and Communication62.3 (Feb. 2011): 477-501.

“For Slow Agency.” WPA: Writing Program Administration 35 (Fall/Winter 2011): 73-90.

"Response Essay: The Trouble with Affect." JAC 26 (2006): 264, 75.

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Book Chapter

"Rhetorica in Motion: Feminist Rhetorical Methods and Methodologies." Writing as Feminist Rhetorical Theory. Ed. Eileen Schell and Kelly Rawson. University of Pittsburgh Press, 2010.

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Doing Emotion: Rhetoric, Writing, Teaching. Portsmouth, NH: Boynton/Cook, 2007.

A Way to Move: Rhetorics of Emotion and Composition Studies. Portsmouth, NH: Boynton/Cook, 2003.

Other Publication

"Poetry of Hope: An Interview with Robert Pack." Cream City Review 22 (1998): 40, 55.

"Interview with Robert Pinsky." Cream City Review 22 (1997): 1, 19.


Invited Presentations

(01-2006. ) Rhetorical Grammar Workshop .Hampden-Sydney College,

(02-2006. ) Teaching Grammar as Invention and Analysis .Indiana University-South Bend,

Paper Presentations

(2012. ) Writing as a Practice of Wonder .Philadelphia.

(2011. ) Writing Relations: Maybe a Manifesto .Atlanta.

(2010. ) Teachers Doing Multimodality .Louisville.

(2009. ) On Poaching and Protectionist Strategies .San Francisco.

(2008. ) Critical Writing Workshop for Graduate Students .New Orleans. Level:National

(03-2007. ) A ‘Better Way to Live’?: On Composition’s Metonymic Tendencies .New York.

(05-2006. ) Emotion as Rhetoric: ‘Not Necessarily Reprehensible' .Memphis, TN.

(03-2006. ) On Acts of Misreading and Invention .Chicago, IL.

(03-2006. ) Generating Mentors in Composition: Beyond the Great Chain of Being .Chicago, IL.

(11-2004. ) Thinking Critically About Visual Rhetorics .Indianapolis, IN.

(12-2003. ) Whiteness Visible .San Diego, CA.

(10-2003. ) Race and Affect in Professional Life .Columbus, OH.

(03-2003. ) Gossip, Voting Blocks, and Other Dirty Laundry .New York.

(03-2002. ) Emotional Subjects for Composition .Chicago, IL.

(10-2001. ) Not so Funny: Incest as Comic Narrative .Decatur.

(03-2001. ) Is There Hope for Me?: Some Notes on Hope and Teacher-Training .Denver, CO.

(11-2000. ) Rhetorical Grammar for Critical Citizenship .Milwaukee, WI.

(04-2000. ) Teaching and Disappointment .Minneapolis, MN.

(10-1999. ) Emoting for a Change: Feminism and the Rhetoric of Anger .Minneapolis, MN.

(04-1998. ) Empowerment’ from a Materialist Perspective .Chicago, IL.

(03-1998. ) Searching the Halls of Academe: Feminist Mentors and the Formation of Professional Identity .University of Houston-Clear Lake.

(06-1997. ) Materialist Feminism: A Necessary Rhetoric for the Future .Pittsburgh, PA.

(05-1995. ) Writing Center Scholarship: Can We Talk Methodologically? .Marquette University.

Honors and Awards

2012 Mrs. A.B. Dolly Cohen Award for Excellence in Teaching University-wide award

2011 Faculty Development Council Grant

2011 Taft Competitive Lecture Fund

2010 Faculty Development Council Grant

2010 Taft Summer Research Fellowship

2009 English Department Boyce Teaching Award

2007 Faculty Development Council Grant

2005 Taft Summer Research Fellowship

Post Graduate Training and Education

2010Writing Program Administrator's Workshop and Institute,, Philadelphia

2008Digital Media and Composition Institute,, The Ohio State University, ,

2012Study Abroad Course Design Institute, UC, ,

Professional Affiliation

NCTE, CCCC, WPA, RSA, ATAC, Coalition of Women Scholars

Courses Taught