Renan Moura

Renan Fernandes Moura

Asst Professor - Adj Ann

Rieveschl Hall

A&S Biological Adjuncts - 0006

Professional Summary

Ecologist. My research interests include ecosystem ecology, ecological interactions and behavioral ecology.


Peer Reviewed Publications

Moura R.F.; dos Santos L.R.; da Costa Silva V.M.; Fagundes R.; Del-Claro K. (06-01-2023. ) Extrafloral nectaries exhibit dual ecological functions in a plant from the Brazilian Cerrado.Arthropod-Plant Interactions, , 17 (3 ) ,301-311 More Information

Moura R.F.; Del-Claro K. (01-01-2023. ) Plants with extrafloral nectaries share indirect defenses and shape the local arboreal ant community.Oecologia, , 201 (1 ) ,73-82 More Information

Moura R.F.; Couto C.M.V.; Del-Claro K. (08-01-2022. ) Ant nest distribution and richness have opposite effects on a Neotropical plant with extrafloral nec.Ecological Entomology, , 47 (4 ) ,626-635 More Information

Santos L.R.D.; Moura R.F. (01-01-2021. ) Local and Temporal Effects on Ant Richness, Recruitment, and Resource Dominance in Two Cerrado Areas.Sociobiology, , 68 (2 ) , More Information

Moura R.F.; Queiroga D.; Vilela E.; Moraes A.P. (01-01-2021. ) Polyploidy and high environmental tolerance increase the invasive success of plants.Journal of Plant Research, , 134 (1 ) ,105-114 More Information

Moura R.; Tizo-Pedroso E.; Del-Claro K. (07-01-2018. ) Colony size, habitat structure, and prey size shape the predation ecology of a social pseudoscorpion.Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, , 72 (7 ) , More Information

Queiroga D.; Moura R. (12-01-2017. ) Positive Relation Between Abundance of Pericarpial Nectaries and Ant Richness in Tocoyena formosa (R.Sociobiology, , 64 (4 ) ,423-429 More Information

Moura R.; Alves-Silva E.; Del-Claro K. (01-01-2017. ) Patterns of growth, development and herbivory of Palicourea rigida are affected more by sun/shade co.Acta Botanica Brasilica, , 31 (2 ) ,286-294 More Information

Moura R.; Dawson D.; Nogueira D. (01-01-2017. ) The use of microsatellite markers in neotropical studies of wild birds: A literature review.Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciencias, , 89 (1 ) ,145-154 More Information

Alves-Silva E.; Porto A.C.F.; Firmino C.; Silva H.V.; Becker I.; Resende L.; Borges L.; Pfeffer L.; Silvano M.; Galdiano M.S.; Silvestrini R.; Moura R. (09-01-2016. ) Are the impact factor and other variables related to publishing time in ecology journals?.Scientometrics, , 108 (3 ) ,1445-1453 More Information

Moura R.F.; Colberg E.; Alves-Silva E.; Mendes-Silva I.; Fagundes R.; Stefani V.; Del-Claro K. (05-03-2021. ) Biotic defenses against herbivory.Plant-Animal Interactions: Source of Biodiversity, , 93-118 More Information

Marquis R.J.; Moura R.F. (05-03-2021. ) Escape as a mechanism of plant resistance against herbivores.Plant-Animal Interactions: Source of Biodiversity, , 39-57 More Information

Moura RF, Sternberg M, Vorst H, Katz O (2024. ) Plant silicon content as a proxy for understanding plant community properties and ecosystem structure .Ecosphere, ,