Carlos Munoz

Carlos Andres Munoz

Graduate Assistant

Professional Summary

I am interested in cognitive sciences, and the philosophy of emotions, with a specific focus on the rationality of recalcitrant emotions, embodied cognition, and moral emotions. I am also interested in value theory, the metaphysics of freedom, and moral responsibility and its connections with political responsibility in democratic contexts. I hold an M.A. degree from Rosario University (Colombia), where I wrote a thesis about survivor guilt from a judgementalist perspective.


Peer Reviewed Publications

Murillo, Alejandro; Munoz, Carlos (2019. ) An approach to the non-conceptual content of emotions.Aurora, , 31 (54 ) ,750-768 More Information

Patarroyo, Carlos; Munoz, Carlos (2019. ) Self-Deception and Social Interactions.Letral, , 24 ,241-257 More Information