Brittany Punches

Brittany Elizabeth Punches

Asst Professor

Procter Hall


CON AD for Nursing Research - 0038

Professional Summary

I am a doctorally-prepared nurse and emergency care researcher with significant experience in emergency department (ED) clinical operations, patient perceptions of ED care, and qualitative methods. My research is focused on 1) understanding patient, nurse, and provider interactions and experiences in episodic, acute care environments such as the ED, and 2) translating that understanding into effective health services and behavioral interventions that are demonstrated to improve health outcomes. 


Published Abstracts

Punches, B., Ancona, R., Lyons, M. (2018. )Incidence of Opioid Use Disorder and Frequency of Repeat Emergency Department Opioid Exposure in the Year Following Receipt of an Emergency Department Opioid Prescription. .[Abstracy]Academic Emergency Medicine, 25 (S1 ),S191Author

Peer Reviewed Publications

Punches, Brittany E; Johnson, Kimberly D; Acquavita, Shauna P; Felblinger, Dianne M; Gillespie, Gordon L Barriers to Research Recruitment of Women Experiencing a Pregnancy Loss in the Emergency Department.Advanced emergency nursing journal, ,39 (4 ),280-287

Reed, Jennifer L; Punches, Brittany E; Taylor, Regina G; Macaluso, Maurizio; Alessandrini, Evaline A; Kahn, Jessica A (2017. )A Qualitative Analysis of Adolescent and Caregiver Acceptability of Universally Offered Gonorrhea and Chlamydia Screening in the Pediatric Emergency Department.Annals of emergency medicine, ,

Punches, Brittany E; Johnson, Kimberly D; Gillespie, Gordon L; Acquavita, Shauna A; Felblinger, Dianne M (2017. )A Review of the Management of Loss of Pregnancy in the Emergency Department.Journal of emergency nursing: JEN : official publication of the Emergency Department Nurses Association, ,


Invited Presentations

Punches, B.E., Hudson, D (2017. )Difficult Situations: A Workshop for Nurses. .University of Cincinnati Medical Center, Cincinnati, Ohio. Level:Local

Punches, B.E. (2016. )Perinatal Loss in the SICU. .University of Cincinnati Medical Center, Cincinnati, Ohio. Level:Department

Poster Presentations

Kneis, S., Cooper, J., Punches, B., and Vance, K. (2016. )(In Press. )Multifaceted Approach to ED Fall Prevention Education. Emergency Nurses Association, Los Angeles, CA. .Conference. .Level:National

Reed, J., Punches, B., Taylor, R., Macaluso, M., Alessandrini, E., and Kahn, J. (2016. )(In Press. )Adolescent and parent/guardian acceptability of universal gonorrhea and chlamydia screening in the pediatric emergency department. .Pediatric Academic Society, Conference. .Level:National

Punches, B., Ancona, R., Hart, K., Ruffner, A., Lyons, M. (2018. )(In Press. )Pain Management versus Iatrogenic Addiction: Incidence of Opioid Use Disorder and Dependence Following an Emergency Department Opioid Prescription. .Midwest Nurse Research Society, Cleveland, Ohio. .Level:Regional

Punches, B., Gillespie, G., Acquavita, S., Felblinger, D., Johnson, K. (2017. )(In Press. )How Healthcare Provider Behaviors Impact Patients Experiencing Pregnancy Loss in the ED. .Midwest Nurse Research Society, Minneapolis, MN. .Level:Regional

Punches, B., Johnson, K., Gillespie, G., Acquavita, S., and Felblinger, D. (2016. )(In Press. )Pregnancy Loss in the Emergency Department: A Mixed Methods Investigation. .Midwest Nurse Research Society, Milwaukee, WI. .Level:Regional

Hudson, D., Punches, B. (2017. )(In Press. )Increasing ED Nursing Knowledge through Staff-Driven, Collaborative Orientation Process. .UC Health Conference, Cincinnati, Ohio. .Level:Local

Punches, B., Johnson, K., Gillespie, G., Acquavita, S., and Felblinger, D. (2016. )Nursing led participant screening for emergency department research: barriers, facilitators, and outcomes. UC Health Conference, Cincinnati, Ohio. .Level:Local