Melanie F. Myers , MS,PhD,CGC

Professor Educator-Affiliate


Childrens Hospital Bldg R

COM Pediatrics Human Genetics - 0054


Ph.D.: Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health Baltimore, MD, (Social and Behavioral Sciences, Health Policy and Management)

M.S.: University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH, (Genetic Counseling)

B.A.: Ohio Wesleyan University Delaware, OH, (Sociobiology and French)

Research Support

Grant: #263-MJ-612122 Investigators:Brown, M. Kathryn; Myers, Melanie; Warren, Nancy 09-01-2006 -09-30-2008 National Human Genome Research Institute Developing Community Based Models for Education and Utilization of Family Health History Information Role:PI $99,977.00 Closed Level:Federal


Peer Reviewed Publications

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Myers,M.F.; Li,S.; Correa-Villasen~or,A.; Li,Z.; Moore,C.A.; Hong,S.X.; Berry,R.J. (2001. ) Folic acid supplementation and risk for imperforate anus in china .American Journal of Epidemiology, , 154 (11 ) ,1051 -1056

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public health genomics, public health genetics, family health history, genetic counseling, research, genetic counseling training

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