Pooneh Nabavizadeh

Pooneh Nabavizadeh , MD

Clinical Instructor

Division of Cardiovascular Health and Disease
231 Albert Sabin Way, MLC 0542
Cincinnat, Ohio 45229
Email nabaviph@ucmail.uc.edu


Medical Degree: Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences

Residency, Internal Medicine: University of Cincinnati College of Medicine


Peer Reviewed Publications

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Nabavizadeh, Pooneh; Steen, Dylan L (2021. ) Highlights from the European society of cardiology congress 2020.Journal of thrombosis and thrombolysis, , 51 (1 ) ,232-236 More Information

Contact Information

Academic - Division of Cardiovascular Health and Disease
231 Albert Sabin Way, MLC 0542
Cincinnat  Ohio, 45229