Ramesh Nayak

Ramesh Chandra Nayak

Research Assistant Professor

Hoxworth Center (4-5)

COM Hoxworth Blood Center - 0055

Professional Summary

Research in my laboratory is focused around understanding the epigenetic landscape and regulation of transcriptomic programs critical for quiescence, self-renewal and multi-lineage differentiation, and malignant transformation of hematopoietic stem cells and progenitors (HSC/Ps). In addition, we model hematopoietic disorder using patient derived and gene-edited isogenic iPSCs, and hematopoietic cells regeneration from directed differentiation of healthy donor iPSCs.
Our research in the area of normal HSC/P biology,  leukemic stem cells (LSCs), hematopoietic cell regeneration and disease modeling using iPSCs  have been published in peer reviewed journals including Journal of clinical investigation, Blood, Nature communications, Cell reports, Stem cells translational medicine and Leukemia.


MSc: Utkal University Odisha, India, 2000 (Botany (specialization-Plant Biochemistry))

PhD: Jawahar Lal University New Delhi, 2008 (Molecular and Cell Biology)

BSc: Utkal University Odisha, India, 1998 (Botany (Hons), Zoology, Chemistry)

Research Support

Grant: #CancerFreeKids (Nayak) Investigators:Nayak, Ramesh 01-01-2024 -12-31-2024 CancerFree Kids SATB2, a novel target to eradicate leukemic initiating cells (LIC) in B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (B-ALL) Role:PI 50000.00 Hold Level:Non Profit

Investigators:RAMESH C Nayak 07-01-2014 -06-30-2016 AABB “Angiotensin in stem cell recruitment and mobilization” Role:PI 150,000 Completed Type:Fellowship


Peer Reviewed Publications

Menéndez-Gutiérrez, María Piedad; Porcuna, Jesús; Nayak, Ramesh; Paredes, Ana; Niu, Haixia; Núñez, Vanessa; Paranjpe, Aditi; Gómez, Manuel J; Bhattacharjee, Anukana; Schnell, Daniel J; Sánchez-Cabo, Fátima; Welch, John S; Salomonis, Nathan; Cancelas, Jose A; Ricote, Mercedes (2023. ) Retinoid X receptor promotes hematopoietic stem cell fitness and quiescence and preserves hematopoietic homeostasis.Blood, , 141 (6 ) ,592-608 More Information

Nayak, R C; Chang, K H; Singh, A K; Kotliar, M; Desai, M; Wellendorf, A M; Wunderlich, M; Bartram, J; Mizukawa, B; Cuadrado, M; Dexheimer, P; Barski, A; Bustelo, X R; Nassar, N N; Cancelas, J A (2022. ) Nuclear Vav3 is required for polycomb repression complex-1 activity in B-cell lymphoblastic leukemogenesis.Nature communications, , 13 (1 ) ,3056 More Information

Govindarajah, Vinothini; Lee, Jung-Mi; Solomon, Michael; Goddard, Bryan; Nayak, Ramesh; Nattamai, Kalpana; Geiger, Hartmut; Salomonis, Nathan; Cancelas, Jose A; Reynaud, Damien (2020. ) FOXO activity adaptation safeguards the hematopoietic stem cell compartment in hyperglycemia.Blood advances, , 4 (21 ) ,5512-5526 More Information

Althoff, Mark J; Nayak, Ramesh C; Hegde, Shailaja; Wellendorf, Ashley M; Bohan, Breanna; Filippi, Marie-Dominique; Xin, Mei; Lu, Q Richard; Geiger, Hartmut; Zheng, Yi; Diaz-Meco, Maria T; Moscat, Jorge; Cancelas, Jose A (2020. ) Yap1-Scribble polarization is required for hematopoietic stem cell division and fate.Blood, , 136 (16 ) ,1824-1836 More Information

Nayak, Ramesh C; Cancelas, Jose A (2019. ) Ubiquitination is not omnipresent in myeloid leukemia.Haematologica, , 104 (9 ) ,1694-1696 More Information

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Raman, R; Kumar, R S; Hinge, A; Kumar, S; Nayak, R; Xu, J; Szczur, K; Cancelas, J A; Filippi, M-D (2013. ) p190-B RhoGAP regulates the functional composition of the mesenchymal microenvironment.Leukemia, , 27 (11 ) ,2209-19 More Information

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Book Chapter

Daniel Gonzalez-Nieto, Kyung-Hee Chang, Ilaria Fasciani, Ramesh Nayak, Laura Fernandez-García, Luis C. Barrio, José A. Cancelas (2015 ) Connexins: Intercellular Signal Transmitters in Lymphohematopoietic Tissues INTERNATIONAL REVIEW OF CELL AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY .(pp. 27).Elsevier

Ramesh C. Nayak , Kyung-Hee Chang , and Jose A. Cancelas (2015 ) Regulation of the Cytoskeleton by the Rho Family of GTPases in Hematopoietic Stem Cells in Health and Disease The Cytoskeleton in Health and Disease .(pp. 63).Springer