Erica Nichols

Erica Nichols , PhD

Asst Professor - Visiting

Professional Summary

Erica Nichols is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Philosophy Department at the University of Cincinnati and Faculty Affiliate in the Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Department. Her research focuses on the intersection of metaphysics and ethics, most notably in questions of Personal Identity, with a recent focus on issues in Dissociative Identity Disorder, answering questions on whether an alternate personality counts as a separate moral person with their own sets of rights and what rights those personalities would have, if so. She also has research interests in general philosophy of psychology, philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, and applied ethics. Prior to joining UC, Erica was a graduate assistant at Bowling Green State University.

B.A. Purdue University Northwest. Hammond, Indiana. 2015 (Philosophy)
M.A. Bowling Green State University. Bowling Green, Ohio. 2020 (Applied Philosophy)
Ph.D. Bowling Green State University. Bowling Green, Ohio. 2022 (Applied Philosophy)

(Dissertation) Multiple Personhood in Dissociative Identity Disorder: The Lives and Deaths of Invisible People.

(UC) PHIL 1089: Sex and Death
(UC) PHIL 1003: Introduction to Ethics
(BGSU) Philosophy of Death and Dying
(BGSU) Introduction to Logic
(BGSU) Introduction to Philosophy
(BGSU) Introduction to Ethics
(BGSU) Contemporary Moral Issues