Jonathan Nickels

Jonathan David Nickels

Assistant Professor

Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering
2901 Woodside Drive
P.O. Box 210012
Cincinnati , Ohio 45221-0012
Phone 5135563938

Professional Summary

Our research focus is the structure and dynamics of soft matter and biological materials.

​Our studies take a primarily deconstructionist approach to systematically investigate the structure and molecular motions at the nanometer scale. This research is highly interdisciplinary, informing applied disciplines such as Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, as well as fundamental scientific fields such as physics, chemistry, biology, and biophysics. We utilize approaches from experimental soft matter physics, molecular biology, and microbiology. 

A few of the topics that we are pursuing include: The Structure, Dynamics, and Phenomena of Biomolecular Hydration Water; Untangling the Nanoscopic Origins of Materials Properties in Low Entropy Liquids; and Insights and Applications from Lipid Phase Behavior. 


Ph.D.: University of Texas at Austin 2009

B.S. : The University of Notre Dame 2004

Research Support

Grant: #CBET-1836556 Investigators:Angelopoulos, Anastasios; Nickels, Jonathan 09-01-2018 -08-31-2021 National Science Foundation COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH: The Role of Sulfonated Polymer Membrane Morphology in Microscale Transport of Organic Molecules Role:Collaborator $105,527.00 Active Level:Federal

Grant: #UCRI - 181219 Investigators:Jonathan Nickels and Andrew Czaja Bad Format: 20180431 -06-30-2018 The Procter and Gamble Company Polarized and Depolarized Low Frequency Raman Spectroscopy Role:Principle Investigator Completed Type:Contract

Grant: #4000172301 Investigators:Nickels, Jonathan 07-15-2019 -06-30-2022 Department of Energy Visualization of Solvent Disruption of Biomass and Biomembrane Structures in the Production of Advanced Biofuels and Bioproducts Role:PI $31,944.00 Active Level:Federal

Grant: #ACS PRF Grant Investigators:Nickels, Jonathan 09-01-2022 -08-31-2024 American Chemical Society - National Chapter The role of static and dynamic structure factors in the viscosity scaling of n-alkanes Role:PI 110000.00 Hold Level:Non Profit

Grant: #MCB-2146264 Investigators:Nickels, Jonathan 05-01-2022 -04-30-2027 National Science Foundation CAREER: Standing Out in a Crowd, Neutron Based Methods to Study Molecular Transport in Crowded Environments. Role:PI 194019.00 Awarded Level:Federal


Peer Reviewed Publications

Perticaroli, Stefania; Ehlers, Georg; Stanley, Christopher B; Mamontov, Eugene; O'Neill, Hugh; Zhang, Qiu; Cheng, Xiaolin; Myles, Dean AA; Katsaras, John; Nickels, Jonathan D; (2017. ) Description of Hydration Water in Protein (Green Fluorescent Protein) Solution .Journal of the American Chemical Society, , 139 (3 ) ,1098-1105.

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Book Chapter

Nickels J.D., Katsaras J. (2015 ) Water and Lipid Bilayers Membrane Hydration. Subcellular Biochemistry .(pp. 45).Springer, Cham (Author)

Post Graduate Training and Education

2010-2017 Postdoctoral Researcher, Neutron Scattering / Biophysics of lipids and proteins / Structure and dynamics of polymers and small molecules. , Oak Ridge National Laboratory, , Oak Ridge, TN

Contact Information

Academic - Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering
2901 Woodside Drive
Cincinnati   Ohio, 45221-0012
Phone: 5135563938