Professional Summary

Personal Statement
In public health, the iceberg phenomenon refers to the large proportion of communicable disease that is hidden from general view. People are often aware only of the visible cases, or the tip of the iceberg, but asymptomatic cases form a massive underwater base keeping the disease afloat. While this concept was profoundly relevant to the year 2020, I also found it to be a reflection of my journey to dermatology. The balance of medicine and procedures sparked my initial interest; however, I found my true passion in the foundation: a deep understanding of skin pathology on a cellular level, allowing dermatologists to look beneath the surface and diagnose systemic disease. Moving forward, I anticipate a future as an inpatient dermatologist where I can continue to learn and care for patients with cutaneous disease while also serving as a mentor and educator for future physicians. My experiences so far have only been the tip of the iceberg, and I cannot wait to explore what lies beneath.

Why I Chose Cincinnati
The one thing I wanted to be sure of during intern year was that I ended up in an environment that valued resident learning. UC is unparalleled in that aspect, and I am incredibly grateful to be a part of this team. The program is full of leaders who are passionate about teaching and inspiring residents while also emphasizing high-quality, patient-centered care. I truly cannot imagine a better place to lay the groundwork for my future in medicine.


MD: Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine