Xi-Zhi Niu

Xi-Zhi Niu

Asst Professor

2901 Woodside Dr
Engineering Research Centre
Cincinnati, Ohio 45221
Phone 5135567833
Email xi-zhi.niu@uc.edu

Professional Summary

Dr. Niu's research focuses on environmental organic chemistry, environmental analytical chemistry, emerging organic contaminants, photochemistry, and environmentally benign semiconductor fabrication. we employ environmental organic chemistry and analytical chemistry approaches to identify and solve environmental and public health problems caused by organic pollutants
Niu Emerging Contaminants Lab @ UC


PhD: Curtin University Australia, 2018 (Environmental chemistry)

Master: King Abdullah University of Science & Technology Saudi Arabia, 2013 (Environmental Science & Engineering)

Positions and Work Experience

2018 -2021 Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona

2022 -2022 Guest R&D scientist, Zhejiang University- Jiande Environmental Innovation and Technology Center, Hangzhou, China


Peer Reviewed Publications

Niu, X. Z., Moore, E. J., & Croué, J. P. (2018. ) Excited Triplet State Interactions of Fluoroquinolone Norfloxacin with Natural Organic Matter: A Laser Spectroscopy Study .Environmental Science & Technology, ,

Niu, X. Z., & Croué, J. P. (2019. ) Photochemical production of hydroxyl radical from algal organic matter .Water Research, ,

Niu, X. Z., Glady-Croué, J., & Croué, J. P. (2017. ) Photodegradation of sulfathiazole under simulated sunlight: Kinetics, photo-induced structural rearrangement, and antimicrobial activities of photoproducts .Water Research, ,

Niu, X. Z., Busetti, F., Langsa, M., & Croué, J. P. (2016. ) Roles of singlet oxygen and dissolved organic matter in self-sensitized photo-oxidation of antibiotic norfloxacin under sunlight irradiation .Water Research, ,

Niu, X. Z., Liu, C., Gutierrez, L., & Croué, J. P. Photobleaching-induced changes in photosensitizing properties of dissolved organic matter .Water Research, ,

Niu, X. Z.*, Harir, M., Schmidt-Koplin, P. & Croué, J. P. (2018. ) Characterisation of dissolved organic matter using high-resolution Fourier-transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry: type-specific unique signatures and implications for reactivity .Science of the total environment, ,

Niu, X. Z., Harir, M., Schmitt-Kopplin, P., & Croué, J. P. (2019. ) Sunlight-induced phototransformation of transphilic and hydrophobic fractions of Suwannee River dissolved organic matter .Science of the total environment, ,

Niu, X. Z., Abrell, L., Sierra-Alvarez, R., Field, J. A., & Chorover, J. (2022. ) Analysis of hydrophilic per-and polyfluorinated sulfonates including trifluoromethanesulfonate using solid phase extraction and mixed-mode liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry .Journal of Chromatography A, ,

Niu, X. Z., Field, J. A., Paniego, R., Pepel, R. D., Chorover, J., Abrell, L., & Sierra-Alvarez, R. (2021. ) Bioconcentration potential and microbial toxicity of onium cations in photoacid generators .Environmental Science and Pollution Research, ,

Niu, X. Z., Pepel, R., Paniego, R., Field, J., Chorover, J., Abrell, L., ... & Sierra-Alvarez, R. (2021. ) Photochemical Fate of Sulfonium Photoacid Generator Cations under Photolithography Relevant UV Irradiation .Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry, ,

Niu, X. Z., Pepel, R. D., Paniego, R., Abrell, L., Field, J. A., Chorover, J., & Sierra-Alvarez, R (2022. ) Fate of bis-(4-tert-butyl phenyl)-iodonium under photolithography relevant irradiation and the environmental risk properties of the formed photoproducts .Environmental Science and Pollution Research, ,

Contact Information

Academic - 2901 Woodside Dr
Cincinnati  Ohio, 45221
Phone: 5135567833