Heather Norton

Heather L Norton

Associate Professor

Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies

Braunstein Hall


A&S Anthropology - 0380

Professional Summary

Heather Norton is a molecular anthropologist whose research focuses on understanding the evolution of complex traits in humans. She approaches this work using phenotypic, genetic, and evolutionary perspectives, with an emphasis on the human pigmentation phenotype. She received her Ph.D. in Anthropology from The Pennsylvania State University and joined the Anthropology Department at the University of Cincinnati in 2010.

In her research Dr. Norton uses quantitative methods to characterize phenotypic variation in skin, hair, and iris pigmentation in diverse populations. She has worked to characterize genetic variants associated with this phenotypic variation and to place their frequency and distribution in the context of relevant population history. Dr. Norton is also interested in understanding the evolution of human skin pigmentation variation—specifically how the pigmentary phenotype has changed as humans expanded throughout African and into a diverse range of environments. Her work has contributed to a body of literature demonstrating that light skin color in humans has evolved through independent genetic mechanisms in different populations that have been targeted by strong natural selection.
More recently Dr. Norton has begun to explore other aspects of human skin variation, particularly those related to skin aging. Her research has been funded by the National Institute of Health, National Institute of Justice, and Procter & Gamble. 
At UC Dr. Norton is the co-Director of the Women in Science and Engineering program (http://www.wise.uc.edu) and is the Faculty Director of UC’s Skin Science & Technology Collaborative (https://research.uc.edu/s2tc).


PhD: Pennsylvania State University 2005 (Anthropology)

MA: Pennsylvania State University 2002 (Anthropology)

Research Support

Grant: #2013-DN-BX-K011 Investigators:Norton, Heather 01-01-2014 -12-31-2016 National Institute of Justice Genomewide Association of quantitative pigmentary traits in admixed US populations Role:PI $663,636.00 Awarded Level:Federal

Grant: #Lubrizol Master Agreement Investigators:Norton, Heather 01-01-2020 -12-31-2025 The Lubrizol Corporation Lubrizol agreement Role:PI 0.00 Hold Level:Industry

Abbreviated Publications

Peer Reviewed Publications

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Book Chapter

Norton HL, Koki G, and Friedlaender JS.  2007. Pigmentation and candidate gene variation in Northern Island Melanesia. In J Friedlaender (ed.): Population Genetics, Linguistics, and Culture History in the Southwest Pacific: A Synthesis.  Cambridge: Oxford University Press pp 96-112.