María Ortiz Ph.D.

María I. Ortiz Ph.D.

Assistant Professor - Educator of Spanish

Professional Summary

Dr. María I. Ortiz was born in San Germán, Puerto Rico. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in Humanities, with a specialization in Comparative Literature at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez, where she graduated Suma Cum Laude in June of 2000. Following graduation, she went on to teach at a local high school after completing the 33-credit Professional License and Certification, as a Certified Spanish High School Teacher of the Department of Education of Puerto Rico. For her graduate studies, María went to the University of Cincinnati, where she completed her Master’s degree in Spanish in 2004, and in June of 2007, she received her doctorate degree on Romance Languages and Literatures.

Currently, she is an academic professor teaching Spanish as a foreign language at the University of Cincinnati, Blue Ash College, teaching courses focused in grammar, communication, culture cinema and literature. In 2017 she was awarded with the UCBA Innovative Teaching Award for implementation of the integration of mindfulness practices and technology for teaching Spanish language.

Her publications and areas of interest include using the cultural studies perspective and literary theory to analize the relationship and interactions between identity, Thirdspace, gender, performance, race, post-colonial studies and food representations in literature, film and other cultural manifestations, with a focus in Puerto Rican literary works.

Her service works include: commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion programs and practices, and to providing multicultural acknowledgement and support for the needs of underrepresented groups.

Avid photographer, peer-reviewed and published researcher of the meaning of food in literature and culture, world traveler, alto sax player, and forever learner.


Ph.D., Romance Languages and Literatures, University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH, 2007 (Caribbean and Latin American Literature Spanish Literature 20th Century Cultural Studies: Food, Identity and Literature)

Master of Arts in Spanish, University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH, 2004 (Spanish and Latin American Literature Teaching Spanish and Second Language)

Bachelor of Arts in Humanities, University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, 2000 (Concentration in Comparative Literature Suma Cum Laude)

Certified High School Teacher of the Department of Education of Puerto Rico, University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, 2002 (Certification as Spanish High School Teacher Completed all 33-credits required on Fundamentals and Specialized topics in Education)

Positions and Work Experience

- Assistant Professor - Educator of Spanish, University of Cincinnati, Blue Ash College, Blue Ash, OH

- Spanish Adjunct Assistant Professor, Raymond Walters College (UCBA), Blue Ash, OH

- Spanish Adjunct Assistant Professor, Sinclair Community College, Dayton, OH

- Spanish Instructor, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

- 9th Grade Spanish Teacher, Ramón E. Rodríguez Díaz Junior-High School, Hormigueros, Puerto Rico


Peer Reviewed Publications

Ortiz, María (2017. )“El discurso gastronómico como símbolo de cohesión ante la fragmentación de la identidad de la 'Borinquen trasplantada' en la novela Trópico en Manhattan de Guillermo Cotto-Turner.” .Cuadrivium: ACTAS Primer Programa Académico del Festival de la Palabra., ,

Ortiz, María (2015. )“Cocinando identidades: Un análisis del performance gastronómico y la fragmentación del sujeto femenino en ‘Recetario de incautos’ de Carmen Lugo Filippi”. Cuadernos de Literatura del Caribe e Hispanoamérica: El Caribe en tiempos de Post-Boom. , ,

Ortiz, María (2012. )“La consolidación del libro de cocina como espacio narrativo El libro de los afectos culinariosde Carmen Vázquez Arce.” .Argus-a: Artes y Humanidades., ,

Ortiz, María (2011. )“Paradigmas del performance gastronómico en ‘Marina y su olor’ de Mayra Santos– Febres.” .Hispanic Culture Review., ,

Ortiz, María (2009. )“La comida que nos une y la geografía que nos separa: El discurso gastronómico como elemento de cohesión de la identidad puertorriqueña en Trópico en Manhattan de Guillermo Cotto-Thorner.” .CENTRO: Journal of the Center for Puerto Rican Studies., ,

Ortiz, María (2008. )“Antígona furiosa: Paradigma de la sociedad argentina regida por el terror.” .Grafemas: Boletín electrónico de la Asociación Internacional de Literatura y Cultura Femenina Hispánica. , ,

Ortiz, María (2008. )“Gastronomía, humor y lenguaje en Historia de la vida del Buscón de Quevedo.” .Hispanic Culture Review., ,

Ortiz, María (2006. )“La materialización, manifestaciones y significados del “tercer espacio” en el film de Como agua para chocolate.” . Divergencias: Revista de Estudios Lingüísticos y Literarios. , ,

Ortiz, María (2005. )“Historia de Arroz con Habichuelas: Un convenio gastronómico de la identidad puertorriqueña desde la perspectiva de Ana Lydia Vega.” .Monographic Review: Feasting, Fasting and Gastronomy in Hispanic Literature., ,

Ortiz, María (2008. )“Aproximaciones del “Reader Response” a los poemas “La sardina”, “La habichuela”, “La cebolla” y “Oda al Hambre” de Rosa Chacel.” .Espéculo: Revista de estudios literarios., ,

Ortiz, María (2007. )“Discurso gastronómico, discurso del poder: Una crítica a la dictadura franquista en Nada de Carmen Laforet.” .Espéculo: Revista de estudios literarios., ,

Ortiz, María (2005. )“Espectáculo y gastronomía en el Quijote: Una crítica a la sociedad española en el episodio de las Bodas de Camacho.” .Espéculo: Revista de estudios literarios., ,

Honors and Awards

UC Blue Ash College 2017 Innovative Teaching Distinguished Teaching Award for implementing innovative techniques that positively affect student learning and Contributing to the scholarship of teaching and learning. Status:Recipient Level:College Type:Recognition


University of Cincinnati – Blue Ash College: Diversity and Inclusion Committee Chair 05-16-2017 -05-15-2018

Post Graduate Training and Education

Mindfulness for Educators Program 2017, Program designed to help educators build the inner resources to handle complex multi-faceted challenges, manage personal stress, and build resilience while enhancing professional effectiveness. , Harvard Graduate School of Education, ,Cambridge, Massachussets

Distance Learning Design Seminar, An intensive seminar that takes place online with only one face to face meeting for Quality Matters Applying the Rubric training which results in QM recognition., University of Cincinnati, Blue Ash College, ,Blue Ash, OH

Faculty Development & Diversity Boot Camp Sponsorships Program for Spring 2017, National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity (NCFDD) Faculty Success Program. Funded by the Office of the Provost, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, University of Cincinnati, ,Cincinnati, OH

UCBA Diversity Faculty Learning Community, Explored and engaged more personally with diversity issues, after completing pre-and post-Intercultural Development Instrument (IDI) assessment. The result of reflections, activities and conversations is noted on the blog-websites., University of Cincinnati, Blue Ash College, ,Blue Ash, OH

Geography 2011: Geography of Latin America, Geography of Latin America is a study of the regional geography of Latin America. There are two course foci. The first is thematic, a topical study that provides a basic understanding of important underlying themes: an introduction to the history of the region, physical geography, population growth and ethnicity, urbanization, and the changing structure of the Latin American economy- agricultural systems, industrialization, tourism and the informal sector. The second focus is an in-depth regional analysis of Latin America: Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, northern and southern Andean nations., University of Cincinnati, Blue Ash College, ,Blue Ash, OH

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