David Outomuro

David Outomuro

Post Doc Fellow

Rieveschl Hall

A&S Biological Sciences - 0006

Professional Summary

Evolutionary ecologist studying the evolution of color vision and color signals across jumping spiders. Past research on visual ecology of predator-prey systems, and macro- and microevolution of wing shape.
Advisor Dr. Morehouse


Bachelor in Biology, Universidad de Oviedo Spain, 2005

PhD in Biology, Universidad de Oviedo Spain, 2011

Positions and Work Experience

2005 -2011 PhD in Biology, Universidad de Oviedo, Spain

2011 -2013 Postdoc, Uppsala University, Sweden

2014 -2015 Visiting Professor, Universidad de los Andes, Colombia

2015 -2017 Postdoc, Uppsala University, Sweden


Peer Reviewed Publications

Outomuro, David; Johansson, Frank (2017. ) A potential pitfall in studies of biological shape: Does size matter?.The Journal of animal ecology, ,

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