Isil Oygur Ilhan

Isil Oygur Ilhan

Asst Professor

Aronoff Center

DAAP School of Design - 0016

Professional Summary

Isil Oygur is an Assistant Professor of Industrial Design. She holds a Ph.D. from Washington State University and a master’s degree from Istanbul Technical University. She has experience in learning with and from people and developing physical and digital interactions for health and wellbeing. Her interdisciplinary scholarship focuses on design anthropology, personal informatics, family informatics, technology use in family life, child-computer interaction, and digital interactions.


PhD: Washington State University Pullman, WA, 2012 (Individual Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program)

MSc: Istanbul Technical University Turkey, 2006 (Industrial Design)

BID: Middle East Technical University Turkey, 2003 (Industrial Design)

Research and Practice Interests

Design anthropology, design for health and wellbeing, personal informatics, family informatics, technology use in family life, child-computer interaction, digital interactions


Peer Reviewed Publications

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Book Chapter

Oygur, I., Gocer, O. & Ergoz Karahan, E. (2020 ) User Experience within Flexible Workplaces: An Ethnographic Approach Research Methods for Interior Design: Applying Interiority .(pp. 32-42).New York, NY, Routledge

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