Furuzan Ozbek

Furuzan Ozbek

Assistant Professor Educator

French Hall


A&S Mathematical Sciences - 0025

Professional Summary

I have worked at Auburn University as a postdoctoral fellow between 2014-2017. I started working at UC as an Educator Assistant Professor the Fall of 2017.

During my work at Auburn,

  • I had led undergratduate research at the REU program during the summer sessions.
  • I had participated at Masamu Advanced Study Institutes (MASI) and Workshops every fall that promotes the intercontinental collaboration in mathematical sciences.
  • I taught several courses such as Calculus I-III, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations etc.


Ph.D.: University of Kentucky 2014

Positions and Work Experience

08-2014 -08-2017 Postdoctoral Fellow, Auburn University,


Peer Reviewed Publications

S. Estrada, P. Guil, F. Ozbek (2014. ) Covering ideals of morphisms and module representations of the quiver A_2 .Journal of Pure and applied Algebra, , 10 (218 ) ,1953

Furuzan Ozbek (2015. ) Precovering and preenveloping ideals .Communications in Algebra, , 43 (6 ) ,2568

E. Enochs, O. Jenda, F. Ozbek (2017. ) Submonoids of the formal power series .Houston Journal of Mathematics, ,