Giulia Paglione

Giulia Paglione

Graduate Assistant

Professional Summary

Giulia is a fourth year PhD candidate specializing in Aegean Prehistory. She is interested in a multidisciplinary approach to Linear B texts, and her current research focuses primarily on palatial economy, control and organization of craft production, and the status of the laborers working for the Palace.
For her PhD dissertation, she will work on the Linear B deposits from the West Central Insula at the Palace of Knossos, integrating archaeological, pinacological, epigraphic, linguistic, and philological analysis.

She graduated summa cum laude from the University of Rome La Sapienza with a BA in Classics and an MA in Philology, Literature and History of the Ancient World. Her BA and MA thesis, both in Mycenaean philology, focused respecitively on Mycenaean religion and cultivation of aromatic plants.

In 2019 she did an internship at the Italian Archaeological School at Athens. In 2019-2023, she took part in the Palace of Nestor Excavations in Pylos (UC) and in the archaeological excavations and surveys in Western Lucania, Southern Italy (Roma Tre University). In 2024, she will join the KLASP (Knossos Legacy and Sustainability Project), The North West Palace Project, at the Knossos Research Centre of the British School of Athens.
In 2024-2025 she will be at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens for the Academic Year Program.


Peer Reviewed Publications

Paglione, G. (2024. ) “Tales from a Broken Archive: Craft Production and Organization of Labor at Mycenae at the End of the Late Bronze Age” .No (e)scape from Bits and Pieces. Towards an Archaeology of Fragmentation in the Aegean Bronze Age. Proceedings of the 5th International Graduate Student Conference Scapecon, edited by T. Claeys, L. Dautais, R. Dubois, K. Regnier, J. Tsafou, D. Vendramin, and D. Wolf, AEGIS Series, Presses universitaires de Louvain 2024., ,


Paper Presentations

Paglione, G. (01-2023. ) “Building Roads in the Kingdom of Nestor? Some Thoughts on the Role of to-ko-do-mo in PY An 35” .AIA, New Orleans.

Paglione, G. (11-2022. ) “Tales from a Broken Archive: Craft Production and Organization of Labor at Mycenae at the End of the Late Bronze Age” .ScapeCon2022, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium.

Paglione, G. (10-2020. ) “Reconstructing the Landscape through the Linear B Texts: The Case of Coriander Cultivation in Phaistos” .ScapeCon2020.

Paglione, G. (03-2019. ) "Ko-ri-ja-do-no & KO: the Industry of Coriander in the Mycenaean World" .Lectio Magistralis for the Graduate students of Aegean Prehistory. University of Rome La Sapienza.