Emma Palmer

Emma Claire Palmer

Associate Professor of Clinical

Associate Professor

James L Winkle College of Pharmacy
3255 Eden Avenue
P.O. Box 670004
Cincinnati, Ohio 45267-0004
Phone 5135584350
Email Emma.Palmer@uc.edu

Professional Summary

Dr. Palmer graduated from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy (MCPHS) in 2011 with a minor concentration in health psychology. During her education, she participated in multiple college activities including the completion of an undergraduate research fellowship for which she received a Research Scholar Award from MCPHS.

After graduation, Dr. Palmer completed a pharmacy practice residency at Lahey Clinic Medical Center in Burlington, MA. She participated in multiple inpatient and ambulatory services during her residency and completed a teaching certificate program provided by Northeastern University in Boston, MA. She continued on to complete a specialty residency in psychiatry through the Louis Stokes Cleveland Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Cleveland OH where she precepted students from multiple colleges of pharmacy in the area and provided weekly lectures to medical students on rotation from Case Western University School of Medicine in addition to clinical services provided to patients. Following residency, she worked as an assistant, then associate professor for Sullivan University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (SU COPHS).

She is currently an associate professor at the James L Winkle College of Pharmacy at University of Cincinnati.

Dr. Palmer currently holds an active license as an RPh in Massachusetts and Kentucky and is a board certified pharmacotherapy specialist and board certified psychiatric pharmacist.


Doctor of Pharmacy: MCPHS University Boston, MA, 2011

Research and Practice Interests

Severe mental illness, substance use disorders, academic assessment

Research Support

Grant: #N/A Investigators:Palmer, Emma 07-01-2020 -06-30-2021 UC's Launch Awards Spring Semester (20SS) Research Launch Awards Role:PI $2,500.00 Active Level:Internal UC


Published Abstracts

Grgurich P, Gray A, Palmer E (2012. ) Evaluation and identification of opportunities for improvement of a daily awakening and spontaneous breathing trial protocol in clinical practice .[Abstract]Critical Care Medicine, 40 (12 ) ,1

Peer Reviewed Publications

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Invited Presentations

Palmer EC, Frederick EK (05-20-2019. ) The Write Stuff: Precepting a Medical Writing Residency Elective .Webinar, Other Institution. . Level:State

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Palmer EC (04-28-2016. ) Increasing naloxone access in Kentucky: Training pharmacists to initiate naloxone dispensing per-protocol .College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists Annual Meeting, Colorado Springs CO. Level:National

Poster Presentations

Caudill C, Stutesman K, Palmer E (04-2019. ) Stigma regarding substance use disorders among student pharmacists: Description and evaluation of impact of an addiction elective on perceptions .CPNP Clinical, Indianapolis, IN. . Level:National

Deckert T, Markwell S, Pham B, Palmer E (05-2017. ) Proper antimicrobial stewardship in a state psychiatric hospital: a retrospective chart review .KSHP Spring Meeting, Louisville, KY. . Level:State

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Palmer E, Grgurich P, Gray A (12-2011. ) Effects of a pharmacist implemented, nurse-driven sedation titration protocol on mechanically ventilated intensive care unit patients .UHC Pharmacy Council at ASHP, New Orleans, LA. . Level:National

Contact Information

Academic - James L Winkle College of Pharmacy
3255 Eden Avenue
Cincinnati  Ohio, 45267-0004
Phone: 5135584350