Priya Parikh

Priya Parikh

Medical Resident/Fellow

Professional Summary

Personal Statement
“Colonel Mustard, with the candlestick, in the library,” I exclaimed boldly during family game night while on summer vacation from middle school. I grinned as I opened an envelope with the answers to my favorite childhood murder mystery board game, Clue, and found that I had successfully solved the crime. Although this is a light-hearted anecdote, for as long as I can remember, I have had an unquenchable curiosity towards problem-solving. I was constantly on the hunt for jigsaw puzzles, word searches, and Sodoku games as a child. Consequently, shortly after starting medical school, I began the pursuit for a specialty that used my acumen for problem-solving as a tool for the betterment of others. Now, whenever I walk into an exam room, I still visualize a game of Clue waiting to be solved. I see Colonel Mustard and I see the candlestick. However, my clinical experiences throughout medical school have allowed me to discover the most crucial piece of a puzzle: the patient behind the game pieces. While diagnosing a patient is like an enticing puzzle, there is also a patient behind the pieces with individualized needs who deserves passionate care and a tailored education to empower them to be their own healthcare champion.

Why I Chose Cincinnati
Long before I started my interview season, I knew I wanted to be a part of a strong academic program with a supportive environment and a focus on education. About an hour into my interview day, I knew that UC fulfilled all of these desires. I noticed a sense of genuine camaraderie between residents that was unparalleled by any other program. During my interview with Dr. Warm, it became apparent that UC provides an environment where resident education is a priority. Most of all, I felt completely comfortable and like I could be myself around the residents I talked to. These attributes, combined with the opportunity to live in a great city, made me decide to become a member of the UC family. (Plus no other program let me play Pictionary on the interview day!)


MD: Indiana University School of Medicine

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University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
231 Albert Sabin Way
Cincinnati  Ohio, 45267