Shivani Patel

Shivani Patel

Clinical Instructor

Professional Summary

Personal Statement
Humanism, the hopeful perspective that we all deserve to be treated decently, is a fundamental value seen in Internal Medicine and what drew me to this field. As a first-year medical student, it became easy to feel like an inconsequential drop in a sea of influential doctors. I began volunteering at the free clinic to understand ways to ease suffering in a system that seems to ignore our community’s struggles. Though it became apparent how both time and money limited our ability to provide exceptional patient care, it was clear that being an effective physician was not just having clinical knowledge but also knowing the patient’s story.
As I progress in my career, I never want to forget that humanity deserves our time, our ears, and our compassion. It is our privilege as physicians to be the relentless force of optimism when others have lost reason for hope. With this, there is an understanding that each drop in the sea of physicians has the utmost influence over another person’s life. I look forward to further understanding this sentiment throughout my training and career in Internal Medicine.
Why I Chose Cincinnati
During interview day, I remember every conversation I had made me feel like I belonged here. The conversations I had with residents was very relaxed and jovial, yet there was this sense of intellectual curiosity and genuine curiosity for my personal interests. When I talked to Dr. Warm I felt like he somehow knew me for years just from reading my application, I had never had an interaction like that before with anyone. In addition to all of this, I was appeased by the immense diversity in Cincinnati and felt that it would be a great fit for me, and it was about time I had my Dorothy moment and left Kansas!


MD: University of Kansas School of Medicine - Wichita