Peterson Pathrose

Peterson Pathrose , MS

Sr Research Associate

Director of Research, Section of Cardiothoracic Surgery

Medical Sciences Building


COM Surgery Thoracic - 0558


Peer Reviewed Publications

Benight N.;Wagh P.;Zinser G.;Peace B.;Stuart W.;Vasiliauskas J.;Pathrose P.;Starnes S.;Waltz S. (01-01-2015. ) HGFL supports mammary tumorigenesis by enhancing tumor cell intrinsic survival and influencing macro.Oncotarget, , 6 (19 ) ,17445-17461 More Information

Vasiliauskas J.;Nashu M.;Pathrose P.;Starnes S.;Waltz S. (01-01-2014. ) Hepatocyte growth factor-like protein is required for prostate tumor growth in the TRAMP mouse model.Oncotarget, , 5 (14 ) ,5547-5558 More Information

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Sullivan, Camille; Brown, Nicholas E; Vasiliauskas, Juozas; Pathrose, Peterson; Starnes, Sandra L; Waltz, Susan E (2020. ) Prostate Epithelial RON Signaling Promotes M2 Macrophage Activation to Drive Prostate Tumor Growth and Progression.Molecular cancer research : MCR, , 18 (8 ) ,1244-1254 More Information

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