Katrina  Peariso

Katrina Peariso

Assistant Professor of Clinical-Affiliate

Childrens Hospital Bldg R

COM Pediatrics Neurology - 0054

Stetson Building
Suite 2300
Cincinnati, Ohio 45219


Bachelor of Science, College of Charleston Charleston, SC, 1995 (Chemistry)

Ph D, University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI, 2000 (Physical Inorganic Chemistry)

MD, University of New Mexico School of Medicine Albuquerque, NM, 2008

Residency, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Cincinnati, Ohio, 2010 (Pediatrics)

Fellowship, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Cincinnati, Ohio, 2013 (Child Neurology)

Fellowship, University of Cincinnati Medical Center Cincinnati, Ohio, 2016 (Neurocritical Care)

Research and Practice Interests

Pediatric Neurology

UC Health Clinical Focus


UC Health Specialities

Critical Care


Neurocritical Care


American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (Neurology with Quality in Child Neurology)


United Council for Neurologic Subspecialties



Peer Reviewed Publications

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Peariso, Katrina; McNaughton, Rebecca L; Kirk, Martin L (2002. )Active-site stereochemical control of oxygen atom transfer reactivity in sulfite oxidase. Journal of the American Chemical Society, ,124 (31 ),9006-7

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Cincinnati  Ohio, 45219
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