James Pease

James L Pease , PhD

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor of Social Work

Health Sciences Building
Room 172
3225 Eden Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45267-0108
Phone 513-556-4841
Email peasejs@ucmail.uc.edu

Professional Summary

Dr. Pease is a tenure track Assistant Professor in the UC School of Social Work. His clinical background involves the assessment and treatment of PTSD as well as suicide prevention in high risk populations. He began his career working in psychiatric emergency centers providing assessment for populations at risk for suicide and other acute psychiatric disorders. Over the last ten years he has worked in a variety of settings as a Clinical Social Worker and Principal Investigator, including the Rocky Mountain MIRECC for Suicide Prevention, and the Denver and Cincinnati VA Medical Centers. He has provided assessment and treatment of PTSD in an outpatient and residential treatment center for Veterans at the Cincinnati VA since 2017. His research interests include suicide prevention and treatment of PTSD. In particular, Dr. Pease has conducted research on the psychometric properties of factors associated with suicide risk, risk assessment practices of VA providers, transitional periods for Veterans returning to civilian life as high risk periods for suicide, and Cognitive Processing Therapy and its impact on suicide risk in Veterans with PTSD.


PhD: University of Denver Denver, CO, 2013 (Social Work)

MSW: University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH, 2005 (Social Work)

BA: Colorado State University Ft. Collins, CO, 1994 (Social Sciences)

Research and Practice Interests

Suicide Prevention, PTSD


Peer Reviewed Publications

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Pease, James L; Martin, Colleen E; Rowe, Claire; Chard, Kathleen M (2023. ) Impact of residential PTSD treatment on suicide risk in veterans.Suicide & life-threatening behavior, , 53 (2 ) ,250-261 More Information

Contact Information

Academic - Health Sciences Building
Room 172
CincinnatiĀ  Ohio, 45267-0108
Phone: 513-556-4841