Matthew Peattie

Matthew G. Peattie

Associate Professor

Interim Division Head of Composition, Musicology, and Theory; Associate Professor of Musicology

Emery Hall


CCM Composition, Musicology & Theory - 0003

Professional Summary

Matthew Peattie is a musicologist whose research interests include medieval chant, performance practice and the intersections of early music studies and musical anthropology. Peattie completed his Ph.D at Harvard in 2005 with a dissertation entitled “The Beneventan Antiphon and the influence of Beneventan Style in South Italian Office.” He also holds degrees in musicology from the University of Calgary and Université de Montréal.

Peattie has presented papers at the national meeting of the American Musicological Society, the Med-Ren Conference of the Royal Musical Association, and at the Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies. He is currently working on a critical edition of the Beneventan Chant, and writing about issues of translation and transcription in medieval music. Peattie is active as a teacher and ensemble director. He was a lecturer in music at Harvard from 2005-07, and director of Ensemble 1521, a Boston based ensemble specializing in really old and really new music.

In addition to his musicological interests, Peattie has had an active career in academic administration and student affairs. Peattie served as an Allston Burr Resident Dean in Harvard College from 2004-07 where he worked in academic advising. In 2007-08 he was the Associate Director of the Atkinson Centre at York University in Toronto where he worked on issues of access to higher education and support for under-represented groups including part-time students and adult learners.


BM: University of Calgary Calgary, Alberta, Canada,

MA: Université de Montréal Montréal, Quebec, Canada,

PhD: Harvard University Boston, MA,


Peer Reviewed Publications

Matthew Peattie (2010. ) Transcribing the Beneventan Chant .Plainsong and Medieval Music, , 19 (2 ) ,139

Published Books

Matthew Peattie A Critical Edition of the Beneventan Chant .


Invited Presentations

Matthew Peattie, participant (2007. ) The Sight of Chant: Visual Representation and the Translation of the Neumatic Tradition .AMS Northeast Chapter Meeting, Wellesley, MA. Level:Prof. Org.

Paper Presentations

Matthew Peattie (2008. ) International Repertories and Local Musical Values: The Internationalization of Musical Style and Beneventan Survivalism in the Twelfth Century Office .British Columbia. Other Institution. Level:University

Matthew Peattie (2007. ) In campo aperto, but not in Left Field: Transcribing and Editing Beneventan Chant .Boston, MA. Other Institution. Level:University

Matthew Peattie (2006. ) Beneventan Music and Gregorian Modality: Evidence of Modal Change in the Melodic Fund of the Old Beneventan Chant .Los Angeles, CA. Professional Meeting. Level:National

Matthew Peattie (2006. ) The Dissolution of Beneventan Modality .New Haven, CT. Professional Meeting. Level:Local

Matthew Peattie (2005. ) Pitch and Modality in the Beneventan Chant: The Witness of the Late Antiphoners .Boston, MA. Other Institution. Level:University

Matthew Peattie (2004. ) Old Beneventan Chant in a South Italian Antiphoner .Glasgow, Scotland. Professional Meeting. Level:National

Matthew Peattie (2004. ) Traces of Old Beneventan Chant in a South Italian Dedication Office .Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Professional Meeting.